V-Commandos: Freyja


Afraid so, but it can be the two-pointer.

First enemy drops a grenade - which you can pick up when you’ve thrown the other one. Second enemy drops a crowbar.

Enemy reinforcements:

  • enemy-1
  • enemy-1
  • enemy-1
  • enemy-3

Enemies move towards the visible Bruno.

Which leaves three dice of enemies (one who was in there already, two newcomers who’ve just arrived from the west) to fire on him from the northern room, needing 4+:
@discobot roll 3d6


:game_die: 5, 3, 3


One wound.

Turn 16

I think we’ve won.

Bruno and the Scout can both wall-hop south (becoming visible in Bruno’s case but it doesn’t matter) then go down the trapdoor. Medic and Officer can also get to the trapdoor this turn.


Sounds good. This was a somewhat more difficult mission…


Distinctly so! What’s up next?


Drinks all round, chaps! Good show!


OK, we’ve done Green, Time Pencil, and Freyja. Next chronologically would be Red Fish, out of the Secret Weapons expansion (which means new commando options, enemies, and event cards). This is designed for up to six commandos; if someone else wants to join us, that works, or some of us can take multiple roles. I’ll get this set up in a new thread, tomorrow evening or on Sunday.