Triplanetary… play by forum


:game_die: 3


t4 thrusts C to come to a stop. t3 has 23.1 ore on board at the end of the turn.

@EyeZee to play.


Next 3 turns:
z1 thrust A; coast coast
z2 thrust to stop & load ore; mine &load, mine &load
z4 thrust B; thrust A; coast


r4 thrusts B to stop, loads at r3.
turn 42 begins.

@MrTim, I’ve run off the end of orders for t4 as well as t3. Do you want them both sitting on the mine at t2?


I’ll have t3 move as follows:

Thrust D
Thrust D
Thrust C
Thrust E
Land at Luna A

T4 will camp on t2 and begin mining. There’s no rule saying packets can’t mine, right?


I see no reason why a packet can’t mine - the rules just talk of “a stationary ship”.

z4 thrusts A.
r4 thrusts B.
Turn 43 starts.
t1 burns E, t3 burns D.

t1 prospecting roll:

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 2, 6


@denisbloodnok: I’ve run out of orders for d1, and you may want to be a bit more precise about your plans for d4.


Incidentally, t1 will keep on course until it either finds something or passes beyond the blue asteroids around Clandestine, then one more hex beyond and Thrust D. It will Thrust D again just before it enters Io’s detection range. It will prospect the asteroid near Io’s detection range and then Thrust B and prospect any asteroid it comes across.


d1 will just continue into the next unprospected hex and orders after that will depend on if I hit anything. Let me see if I can drive the bot:

@discobot roll 2d6

d4 has just run out of orders, sorry; I fear with the emergence of packets I’m less eager to commit a large bucket of orders in advance. It thrusts F, coasts one being affected only by the second gravity arrow, then thrusts F into orbit, at which point I have basically no idea how much money I have.

d3 on the other hand has committed a rather dubious (wrong) piece of navigation (perhaps you meant d3?); I fear I managed to confuse myself with the operation of gravity arrows. Thanks. It will coast until it is just crossing the edge of Terra’s detection radius then thrust E, then on approaching Luna choose not to be affected by the first arrow, then thrust E putting it in orbit.


:game_die: 1, 2


z1 thrust F and ignore first Luna gravity hex. The question now is does that count as putting me in orbit this turn, as next turn I won’t need to exert thrust to stay in orbit (and if so can I sell/buy/resupply).
z2 Devo
z4 Coast


Turn 44 begins.
t1 prospects.

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 6, 1


Damage from CT explosion:

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 5


t1 is disabled for one turn.
We’ve established that “being in orbit” means doing a movement phase without using any thrust. So next turn for z1.

@denisbloodnok to play. I have drifts for d3 and d4, but I don’t know your plans for d1. (This is not a complaint.)


d1 coasts one, then thrusts A to move direction F into another asteroid. (One of the asteroid hexes in d1’s wake is known to be null, but not marked as such).


Fixed the missing asteroid marker.

Turn 45 begins.
t1 is disabled for this phase (only); t3 thrusts C.

@EyeZee to play. z1 will move in orbit this turn, and can trade; 15.4 ore will net 46.2 money.


z1 orbits, refuels
z2 continue mining
z4 coast
Buy packet z5 Schroedinger’s Hammer at Luna
Buy packet z6 So Minimal As To Be Actually Negative at Luna