Triplanetary… play by forum


:game_die: 2


Turn 37 begins.
t1 and t4 both thrust E.

@EyeZee to play.


z1 Thrust C
z2 Thrust D
z4 Coast


r1 and r4 thrust B.

EyeZee: If you would prefer 20 cash when I next make a sufficient sale, rather than 10 ore now, now is the time to suggest it.

@denisbloodnok to play.


Yes, that’s precisely what I was intending.


d1 coast; d3, d4 thrust C.


Turn 38 begins.
t1 drifts, t4 thrusts D.

@EyeZee to play.


All z ships will coast.


r1 thrusts B, loads all 12 ore at r2.

@denisbloodnok to play.


d3:B, d4:C, d1: coast.


z1 & z2 coast
z4 thrust A


turn 39 begins
z4 thrusts A
r1 both mines and loads

@denisbloodnok to play.


d4 thrusts B; others coast.


Turn 40 begins.
t4 thrusts D.

@EyeZee to play.


z1 thrust D
z2 thrust E
z4 thrust B, mine, load all ore


z4 is stopped and can take the 8 ore from l2 in phase 5, but cannot itself mine this turn (“in place of” movement i.e. in phase 3).

@denisbloodnok to play.


d3 thrust A then coast until entering Lunar gravity. d4 coast twice then thrust D. d1 seems to have passed another asteroid with no prospecting roll (should I be doing my own) but assuming that turned up nothing, coast at least until the next unprospected asteroid.


Sorry, you will need to remind me of these. Or indeed make your own rolls.

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 3, 1


Potential damage:

@discobot roll 1d6