Triplanetary… play by forum


That long disablement’s a pain; 1 fewer turn and I’d be gone before l1 returns (and it would then have almost no fuel, to boot). But I think with the loss of a transport this will be a pyrrhic victory for Lordof1 anyway. When it gets to me, d1 coasts once then thrusts D twice in succession.

Actually, sorry, I have a protest: “The ramming ship rolls a die”; “The results apply to both ships.” Since the first roll was a 5, I think that is a D3 for both.


Strewth, you’re quite right. So those three turns of orders cover d1; on the next turn after that, d3 can act again.


T1 will refuel and pick up an automated mine. I will also buy a packet at the same location. Claim jumpers beware!

Give me an hour or so to plot my next few moves.


Noted - I’m putting the packet on Luna base F for now.

@EyeZee, z2 arrives at Ceres as noted (with empty tanks).


Aww bum. It was a long shot. I’m afraid, chaps, I’m strugglinh with work commitments and attempting to play on the phone here, so with no chance to get my claim back and one transport down, I’m going to coast off the edge of the map and aim for a happier solar system! Cheerie bye, apologies for the abrupt departure!


Wait, did t1 land? It should have landed at A.


Sorry, I thought you wanted to orbit. You can land at A using one more fuel (i.e. paying an extra 0.5 money).


z2 refuels
Buy Packet (z4 A Kind Word and a Two-By-Four) at Ceres.


Yep. That was the plan. Saves me a fuel after I top off because I can keep the launch vector.

Here are my plots:

Launch A, ignoring Luna’s gravity
Thrust E
Thrust D
Thrust B
Thrust E and start prospecting

t4 (the new packet):
Launch A
Thrust A
Thrust E
Thrust D
Thrust D
Thrust B
Thrust D and camp on t2

t3 will hold position and keep mining at least until t4 arrives on its position


The packet will also ignore Luna’s gravity on launch.


Purchasing done, 4.8 money left for EyeZee.
r1/r4 depart from Ceres thrusting F.
d1 drifts.

Turn 34 begins.

I’m going to leave Nick’s mine l2 on the board, and therefore the player 1 entity continues to exist. (I could assign it to someone else for turn ordering purposes, but then it would be 5 MCr on their score.)

t1 and t4 launch from Luna A.
A correction there - I said “14.3 ore” on board but it was actually 11 ore (14.3 was what was aboard z3 at the time). So you actually have 3.5 cash left, not 13.4. Let me know if this changes your decisions.

@EyeZee to play.


Before I give my orders, I realize just how mean my packet could be (or try to be) to r1 and r3, for a sustained period of time. I would like to negotiate with you @RogerBW in a way that could arrive at mutual benefit.


Recognising that a 2:1 attack would be followed by a 1:1 counterattack… go on.


I thought 1D ships can’t counterattack. Though I guess they could co-defend (or can they, if only 1 ship is being attacked?) to make it a 1:1 attack. Not that I really necessarily want to do that.

p1 "Ships with a D after their combat strength may not attack or counterattack; their strength is defensive only. "


Ah, I thought it was counterattack only. Fair enough. (Ships with the same hex/course as a targetted ship can join the counterattack if there is one, though.) What do you propose?


3.5 MCr cash should be enough.

I just realized I screwed up my packet’s movement quite nicely there. Going forward it should be as follows:

Thrust A
Thrust A
Thrust E
Thrust D
Thrust D
Thrust B and camp on t2


I propose either/or: A) 1-time deal where I get half the next-ore-haul that r1&r4 (that transport should be r4, since the mines are r2 and r3) bring back, or B) 10 ore from that haul and a long term (say 50 turn) non-interference agreement (I don’t mess with your mines or ships, you don’t mess with mine).


I’ve been having trouble coming up with a suitable response to this. I’d go with 8 ore and 50 turns non-interference. You make the rendezvous but I won’t go out of my way to make it hard.


Oh, I was figuring a bank transfer on sale. That makes it extra easy.


Let’s make it 10 for 60 turns.