Triplanetary… play by forum


Everything coasts. My next move after that will also be “everything coasts”.


Turn 29 begins.
l1+l3 thrust E.
t1 thrusts B.
z2 drifts.
r1 drifts.
d1+d3 drift.

Turn 30 begins.

@Lordof1 to play


Both thrusting D, and looking suspiciously out if the forward viewing ports.


Turn 30.
l1+l3 thrust D.
t1 drifts.
z2 drifts.
r1 drifts.

@denisbloodnok to play.


d1: coast three times.
d3: coast. Thrust A. Thrust B, coming to a halt on l2. Load up.
d4: thrust E. Coast. Thrust F coming to a halt on d2. Load up.

Please abort this sequence if someone else gets to l2/d2 first… but I don’t think they can.


Hmm. My clam is getting a tad crowded. Assume t3 is loading ore from t2 as soon as possible for the foreseeable future.


Starting turn 31.

@Lordof1 to play.


Drift. Both ships firing upon D3 if the odds favour it. If not, still firing. Consider this a warning shot for approaching my patch. You’re welcome to reconsider that sequence, Mr. Claimy stealer. I’m very happy to get my claim back from your disabled ship if you’d rather :slight_smile:


Transports can’t fire - the combat strength is defensive only. You could ram…


Ramming speed! Thrust D instead of drifting. There’s no way this could end tragically with me falling of the map or anything.


ts, zs and rs drift.
d3 thrusts A.
Turn 32 begins.

@Lordof1 to play.


Both ships thrusting F.


t1 drifts (ignoring gravity).
z2 thrusts D.
r1 thrusts E to stop at Ceres. Sells 8.8 for 17.6. Spends 4.5 on fuel, 10 on a new Transport.
d3 thrusts B to stop on l2; d4 thrusts F to stop on d2.

Turn 33 begins.

@Lordof1 to play.


Thrust A. Can I ram sequentially or both have to happen together? If both happen simultaneously that’s fine, but if there’s a gap I’d like to see if the first ram is successful before ramming with the second, as I’d like to leave a ship free for boarding if possible, and avoid both ships leaving the map.


Any ship that thrusts A now is going off the map anyway. Thrust A takes it to the hex on the edge at speed 2, and even if you thrust B after that it’s gone.

You can keep them on by thrusting B now, which would remove the option of ramming (“The ramming ship’s course must pass through the center of the hex occupied by the target ship”) but potentially keep the ship alive.

As to whether you can move one ship and resolve its ram before the other – well, maybe. (The order of events inside a phase is not clearly stated, and “Ramming takes place during the movement phase”.) However, you do need to commit both ships to their courses in phase 1, astrogation.

So (part A) it seems clear to me that you must now choose to sacrifice neither ship, one, or both (by thrusting A with the sacrifices and B with the others) – and it’s too late to transfer fuel or cargo between them (l1 has two automated mines on board). Once you have made that choice, (part B) I think it’s fair to say that, if both ships are able to ram, the second one can decide whether or not to do so once it’s seen the result of the first ram.

(Other opinions welcome. I am not stating my opinion on what a player with no ships left should be allowed to do; that’s to be resolved if it arises.)


Good point. I was thinking I’d have a turn after this to slow down if not disabled but I misread the map. With this in mind…


… one thrust B, and a single thrust A and ram.


OK. First die is ram damage to l3, second is to d3.

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 5, 6


d3 is disabled until turn 38.
t1 reaches Luna orbit with 14.3 ore on board; sells for 42.9.

@MrTim, what would you like to buy?

@EyeZee, z2 is just about to reach Ceres with 14.9 ore (29.8 at local prices), so you may wish to make a decision about that too.