Topic of the Week: Vital Lacerda

I would also say that Euro games of the weight of Lacerda’s average or Mindclash are pretty close to the only sort of Euro that actually appeals to me at this stage. I don’t tend to enjoy lighter ones because they tend to feel nakedly mechanical to me but the puzzle isn’t really complex enough to feel satisfying. I find Lacerda’s intricate clockworks are not only a much more engaging puzzle but somehow sell the theme to me more in the same breath. (As do Mindclash - and they tend to have more interesting themes for me).

It’s possible I would also feel similarly about Splotter but I haven’t been willing to pay their premium for production that does not match, and if I already struggle to table Lacerda and Mindclash, why even go there? (Plus it sounds like they’re generally very ruthlessly competitive and that’s not my flavor of competition if I engage in it at all.)