Tom’s Renature review

Well, this was rather well done. Even if the game’s not for you, it’s hard to deny that Tom’s getting a bit good at his reviews these days. This one is actually, gasp, OUTSIDE!!!

His Thousand Year Old Vampire review was pretty good too. Not easy, quite frankly, to get people keen on a solo journaling game. But he presented it well. Chapeau, Mr Tom, chapeau!


I agree! Tom has done a great job of making reviews that feel quintessentially SUSD (funny, well-written, and interesting), but with a certain amount of thoughtfulness and energy that give them his own distinct voice. Keep up the great work, Tom!


Yeah I think he did a really good job.

Another good review and loved the change of scenery. I know that these days, depending on where you live, it’s not always easy or possible to get the chance to film outdoors but it was a great change to see a reviewer in the wild again as opposite to their natural enclosed habitat.

Begs the question of how many people get to play their games outdoors, even when the weather is appropriate.


Is it very wrong if I was obsessed with how wide his trousers looked? :smiley:

Other than that, I love the touch on Tom reviews, they have always a perspective that make me feel why he loves the games he reviews, and what I could like, and like him, what I could really, really like, but without getting tangled into the emotional side of things.

Like Ava, what a good addition to the team.


All I have to say is, LOS CAMPESINOS TSHIRT!!!


Tom is bringing the Paul back. Couldn’t be happier. We need the somewhat milder (with bouts of mania) host in the SuSD soup.