The West Marches Discussion

Hey @RossM what’s the West Marches?

The West Marches is an open world Pathfinder (First Edition at this point) setting.

As a world it means people can join and…

Undertake solo adventures.
Team up with a regular party.
Wander off in a pair and rejoin the group later.

It also means all your adventures change the world for each other.

On the edge of the Kingdom of Serk sat the great goblin marsh. As the Kingdom grew and prospered the world became calmer, more ordered. Although bandits and thieves still exist, the great heroes are all dead or long retired, for there is no more adventure to be found. The last great frontier, known only as the West Marches was beyond reach.

That is, until now.

At great personal expense, the Lord Leas has driven a roadway through the marshlands, the foundations are deep, and its surface is furnished with flagstones of polished granite.

As solid ground rises above the reeds and the pathway ends, you find yourself approaching the last outpost of civilisation; A most curious coaching inn. The paint is still fresh on the sturdy oak doors of The End of the Road. Beyond this building is nothing but lawless wilderness.

It should be noted, some of you have been here before. @Scribbs, @Sagantine and all. I still have your sheets.

Anyone interested, I can help you create a character, or provide you with some pregenerated ones. :slight_smile:

(Do you still have mine? Could you sent it my way if you do?)

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I am interested.

I have never played Pathfinder. I have played D&D and AD&D1+2, but mostly other RPGs for the last 30-odd years. I’m reasonably good at getting rules into my head.

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Is there a limited number of players? If not then I’d like to join.

Totally new to the system.

I’m happy to use a pre generated character or to build my own (with a lot of help!)

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@Cokho What was your character called?

@RogerBW Why bother with your mind when…


You could just use an app.

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Good heavens, GSF-independent and no ads! I can actually run it!

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@Captbnut here’s a secret.


There are no limits! Last time I had two parties and a solo going at the same time. The hardest part is keeping the chronology straight. I will ping you some pregen characters sheets tonight.

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Which of the many Pathfinder apps is this, please?

com.androidbok.myfirstresourcetesterapp - a reassuring ID. :slight_smile:

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Still can’t find it. This is on the Google Play Store, yes?

IOS I’m afraid

In that case, you and @RogerBW are talking about different apps. I know he doesn’t run iOS. is the one I found by searching for “PFRPG rd”. Screenshots are at that link. Indeed, it doesn’t appear to be the same thing.

Also for all the rules you need…


@Captbnut Pregen Characters.

Pregen Cleric.pdf (1.7 MB)
Pregen Fighter.pdf (1.7 MB)
Pregen Rogue.pdf (1.7 MB)
Pregen Wizard.pdf (1.7 MB)

Names and Backstory are of course entirely tweakable.

For those looking at creating characters this setting has two rules.

  1. No Gunpowder.
  2. No Goblin playable characters. (The Kindgom of Serk eliminated Goblins over a century before.)
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Do I need to reply to you privately?

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Go for it!

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I wouldn’t mind playing Ssora again, though with a bit of a personality change (thanks so much for saving the sheet!)

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