The Perfect Dull Treat? - Khora: Rise of an Empire Review



With the talk about the right kind of boring it speaks to me around buying Attika back in the day. The sheer dryness of an amphora looming large over a classical cityscape view was too much not to make me chuckle and threw me in to the world of becoming a euro gamer. This is also why Concordia is disappointing for how much I hate it but it would have been appropriately dry for my enthusiasm around the ancient world. As solo noodling experiences go, I think Matt has maybe sold me on this one a bit, but it might be too nicely done with bits and art sadly.


No joke about “The Polis”? Disappointed.

(Made up for it with weatherproofing a boat.)

(And blackhawk.)


lol, I first heard about this game on SVWAG, and it seemed to come up at around the time they were talking a lot about Avatar and Korra, and I wasn’t really paying attention, so for quite a while I thought it was about Avatar factions, but the criticisms never quite made sense in that context.