The Kickstarter Thread

I’ve just seen the announcement that the kickstarter for volume 3 of Stand Still Stay Silent is about to open up. I’m definitely contributing to that one; I have the first two volumes and I love both the art style and the narrative.

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I find that Token Sesame KS page strangely mesmerising.

I don’t understand why someone would need it.
I don’t understand why it costs so much.
I don’t understand why you would want it hovering above the board.
I don’t understand why you would want to transport the tokens and the board without just using the box.
I don’t understand why I find it so ugly.
I don’t understand how the pitch on kickstarter seems to go on forever.

As with most things in life, I don’t understand much.


They certainly know how to run a persuasive Kickstarter(behold the gifs).

Involving board game artists is a nice touch.


I’ve opened the Kickstarter pre launch page for Die of the Dead. If I haven’t already talked your socks off about it in another thread, it’s an utterly gorgeous Dia de Muertos themed dice game. I’ve made sure to hire a Mexican artist, as well as a cultural consultant to make sure I’ve not misappropriated the culture (and my friend Angel tells me to put “playtested by at least 1 Mexican” on the page, but I just think he’s making sure he gets namechecked in the playtester credits).

Anyway, the game itself is pretty unique- it’s dice rolling, but also about knowing where your dice are, and how you can manoeuvre them to better positions, as well as other forms of mitigation. It contains 4 beautiful caskets and 3D steps. And 75 dice, including 15 custom dice, all for £27/ $35. Plus shipping will be subsidised to make sure that the KS still comes in below MSRP.

Also I should state again it’s beautiful:

Please check out the prelaunch page here: Die of the Dead by Radical 8 Games — Kickstarter

And feel free to ask any questions!


That is beautiful


I am expecting a few sandwiches and some high tea or so… possibly cupcakes with all those colors. Although the nacho force is strong with that one.

Anyway the thing doesn’t address storage in the box and I want to pull filled trays out of the box to speed up setup of games… so… no.

Ps: I backed Petrichor. Couldn’t resist the pretty.


I was genuinely tempted as a storage solution for gloomhaven, but not at $110 local dollars plus shipping. I’m not gonna spend more than $50 for storage thank you.

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Oh, that wouldn’t be a storage solution for any game and definitely not Gloomhaven. it’s designed to make tokens and (a limited amount of) cards easy to access during play, not organize them in the box.

For 50 you can make your own storage solution and have material left over to make one for your other favorite game. i think I need to repost my Gloomhaven pics I posted on the old forum to the foamcore thread :wink:


Oh, I have no intention of getting everything back in the box. I’d rather keep it spread out and make it easier for friends to help me. The main bottleneck I have at the moment is getting the stuff I do have in the box out and distributing it to whoever needs it.

Storage space isn’t difficult for me. My current set up involves about four folders/boxes but I’d like to organize it better. It’s a bit … Eclectic.


Signed up to be notified. Absolutely lovely looking!


That looks incredible!!! Will definitely check out the page!

I am going all in with Northguard. The BoardGame Co review made me decide for it. That comparison with Monumental at a much lower price really did it for me.


Now I want to play the computer game again :wink: I never finished the campaign…

Wow, that video is a lesson in the importance of video editing, scripting, and taking the occasional breath!


Yes, he can talk fast. :rofl: :rofl: What I like about his style is how much he goes through in a short time, and considering that I have not got 45 mins at a time to listen to people like Quackalope, I like his method to pinpoint the odd game review in a quick video.

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I’m really interested in this one, but the player count is the only thing holding me back. I don’t expect it to be great at 2, and I have limited room for 3+ player games.

Everything I’ve heard has been promising though.

Also, as an aside, I’ve been liking his videos a bit more as well. He does do a pretty decent job of summing up a lot about a game and the KS campaign.

Though I can also sort of watch YouTube at work, so I have time for longer videos as well! Lol

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Yes, I think I like his way of saying, I am not backing this KS because of such and such, but that is my opinion. These are the things I like, these are the thing I don’t, each to its own.

There is a lot going on in the market at the moment, and youtubers like SU&SD produce amazing videos, but need their podcast and news articles to keep up. This format that is less edited and can get out more videos per week complements them well for me.


Argh, I was a fool! Thought £45 was too much for the Petrichor base game (including postage to UK) for something I’d never played even though it’s so pretty and the theme is totally my thing. Then saw more reviews later and decided I wanted it, but the KS has finished! (Probably just as well for my bank account though)


I really thought this would grab some of my money, but at those prices, I think I’ll wait for retail.

I’m also a little sad that they’ve relocated from Bruges to Amsterdam (I had my facts mixed up: it’s Hambug! So the rest of this paragraph won’t make much sense!); Amsterdam is way better represented in boardgaming (and most other forms of creative media) than Bruges – I may not be able to travel to Europe, but I can at least curate a broad broad of paper-thin veneers of European locations in my collection.

Hopefully this project will dislodge some copies of Bruges w/exp on the secondary market, as I’ve been keeping an eye out for just that for quite some time now.

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