Ten years on BGG

Apparently I joined BGG ten years ago today.

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Registration Date: 2012-06-01

Looks as though the first time I posted was the next year, to set up a Flash Point PBF. :slight_smile:



Can’t figure out how to see what I did first, but I did find a picture of my painted Space Hulk miniatures from November that year, referencing a speed painting guide I had found on BGG.


Congrats to 10 years of BGG :slight_smile:

Mine is 2011-10-24

My first activity was to add a bunch opf games to my collection. The first game I added was Smallworld, the second Ghost Stories. I still have both of these :slight_smile: (At least half of the rest I added that day have are now “Previously Owned”)

I don’t contribute on the forums often, but I strive to write comments aka mini reviews about all the games I have or have played.

I find BGG an immensely useful site despite its various shortcomings and I am glad it exists. I know there are a few other boardgame databases out there (or at least there were at some point) but BGG is the one I keep using.


2017-05-03 for me. First game I had was Small World, followed by Dead of Winter - both I have watched from Wil Wheaton’s show.

The oldest game I have is El Grande. But I sold that specific copy and replaced by the Decennial edition. The oldest copy that I still have were Fury of Dracula 3rd ed and Inis - both I got from the UKGE.


2013-03-22 for me (user name: GB in NH).

According to my slightly out-of-date collection summary, I have 212 games and 55 expansions. Crikey! :laughing:


2007-03-02. Looks like I’m grandpaw geek. Foodlion.

Apart from 80’s “gems” like Peg Poker, Abalone, Fireball Island, and Axis and Allies my first modern game was '95 Settlers. Not sure what I had in '07 but I know Tigris & Euphrates, The Great Dalmuti, Catan Card Game, Samurai, Blokus, Citadels, Puerto Rico, and LOTR: The Confrontation were likely on my shelf.


I didn’t join until 2014-05-22, which is probably about a year after I learned about the hobby.

In 2015, I posted about trying to trade a spare Killer Bunnies expansion for any other expansions (my partner loves Killer Bunnies and we ended up with an extra copy of a couple of the expansions while trying to track down some of the harder to find ones). I also made a Geeklist listing all of the games we had and a small blurb about each one.

But I didn’t really start interacting with BGG as a community until January of 2019; which would have been when my partner was more and more focused on finishing out her final year as an elementary music teacher and was also pregnant with our second child, due that summer.



I used to post a lot of written out Session Reports… a few of them attracted the attention of a young British board game reviewer named Quintin Smith, and that resulted in me getting to be “Geek of the Week” immediately after him.

You can find my 2nd Battle Report linked here if you are curious… I was quite proud of it at the time. I miss having the time and energy to do these kinds of after-action writeups… I used to love doing them. Oh well.

I also used to frequent the Print n’ Play section a lot… custom art for games mostly. Like, pretty versions of “Battle Lines” (I have… 4 or 5 sets? My favourite is my “Asterix the Gaul” set), but also some full games (I have a copy of the “Dune” dice game that’s… not bad, actually. If it had “real” dice I would go so far as saying it’s really good).

I used to be way more active than I am these days… my energy for posting has dwindled as work saps more and more of my time. I still use the site extensively for work, though… often to see what games I will need to know for my job at the game store, sometimes to see what game a customer is looking for.


Some of the people at my FLGS don’t even know BGG. oO. Those are the ones I give game recommendations to (sometimes). Which reminds me I really want to go for a visit.


I joined 2014-01-15, though I think I browsed the site semi regularly for a while before that, reading the forums and especially using it for rules clarifications. I think I reached the point I wanted to reply to some posts, so finally made a profile. I eventually started using it to track my collection, and even later my played games. I know I occasionally forget to log a play, but for the most part it gives me a good idea of how many games I played in a given time frame, which I like being able to see.


Same order here - started tracking my collection in 2013, tracking plays in 2016.


Only since 2016, which surprises me!


Was definitely reading things for awhile before I gave in and made an account but no idea how long that was.


I signed up 2013 but only for the BSG forum games they had going. Added 35 games but stopped then. Felt too much of a hassle and I rarely used that function anyways.



26/03/2020 I joined… no idea what my first update was. I must admit, besides one thread for questions about Bardsung, I have just tracked my plays and collection, and scored games I have played (most) :roll_eyes:


Oh wow. I was curious to know when I had joined, much sooner than I remembered. 2009-10-17.