Star Trek Ascendancy (recruitment)

They said it couldn’t be done!

(Actually they assumed I had enough sense to notice that for myself.)

But here in principle we have a workable map in Inkscape:


“Workable” in the sense that the warp lanes have triangles attached at the ends (you can see black slanting lines at the corners), the points of which can auto-snap to the hidden square at the centre of each system tile. And I think that may be the most technically challenging bit to do.

There’s more prep work to do, but in principle who’s up for trying this out?


@RossM stands up. RED ALERT!


Me! Me! Pick me! Oooh! Oooh! Pick me!


I mean. If you require somebody to playtest, I suppose I could be convinced…


Sadly I’m far too busy to join in but I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays. Enjoy it, guys!


So, three player game?

My original thought was it wasn’t enough players, and then I remembered that Ascendancy was the only game that had a specifically 3-player count. Like, that was the only number of people that could play the game…

Sure, it’s more now with your Cardsufflians, your Vulcanoids, and your Andornorbuts, but 3 should still make a great game, if you’re interested…

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My inclination in that case is to stick with base-game factions, as long as you lot trust me not to peek at the decks.

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Works for me!

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Perfect. How are we to pick factions? Do we randomly assign or pick favourites?

If anyone has a preference, go for it. I’ve played Federation and Romulans before but I’ll take whatever’s going.

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Preference order is Federation, Romulan, Klingon

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Quick rules question.

Having reread the manual. (Vulcans and their pink writing can do one.) I’ve got questions about the example first turn.

  1. How has Sally found a phenomenon on her first move. Aren’t the top 6 discs all systems?

  2. Why doesn’t Sally attempt Hegemony on turn one? She’s got 5 culture at this point. (3 as starting resource, 2 from strange new worlds.)

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Is this where I say that I think the good manual is the one by Mattias Elfström?

(Though of course it has a lot of content that won’t be relevant to this basic-set-only game.)

① There were more than six other players each of whom found a system first, playing before Sally; or they were using the Random Galaxy optional rule. I.e. this is not compliant with standard rules.
② She doesn’t have any unexhausted Commands left?


One I’ll except. Two is because I didn’t understand Hegemony is a command action.


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So, if I understand the preference matrix correctly, @RossM will play Federation, @RogerBW will take Klingons, and @Marx (me!) takes Romulan?

Unless you’d rather play a faction you’ve played before, Roger, in which case you can take the Romulans and I’ll take the Klingons.

I remember the manual being extra awful. The game is great, but they try real hard not to let you know that… I’ll check out the Unofficial one!

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Happy with that.

I’m getting card decks together (stripping out bitmaps from the Tabletop Simulator mod).


Main difference looks like setup is slightly different in the rulebook as linked.

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Have I mentioned I am super excited?

SUPER excited! Gonna get my “It’s Always a Game of Chess”-teeth kicked in, but yay! Phasers! Shields! Secret tech objectives!


Ok. So standard set up (3,3,3 1 ascendency) but all system cards are shuffled so you can find phenomena looks like that rulebooks recommendation. Awesome

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Oh, hey, this seems like a good place to ask: in the original game, Impulse Engines seemed to always be a waste.

Moving Impulse speed lets you move 2 Sectors per Command.
Moving at Warp takes 1 Command to enter Warp, and 1 Command to exit Warp, but you can move up to 1 System per warp token (minimum 1). Since Systems are always more than 2 Sectors apart (or, if you’re moving at Impulse, you need to use at least 2 Commands to enter a new Sector), doesn’t that mean it always makes more sense to move Warp?

If you’re federation and unlocks cochranes drive it means you can move a fleet along two block corridors for one command.

It’s also quite useful when having to retreat and regroup, or moving ships to adjacent sectors to support a fleet.

(But mainly useless)

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