So who is eurovision-ing tonight?

So there is to be a eurovision special tonight, I know it isn’t going to be quiet the level of campy awesome as usual, but I am still determined to enjoy it!

Going to be having a virtual watch party with two of my best friends, we had planned to be together this weekend but this pesky virus has scuppered the plans however there will still be plenty of alcohol!

Anybody else watching it?

I have avoided the songs so far, I like to score and enjoy fresh on the night, anybody else a bit weird like me?

I am aware of my very British take on the greatest song contest in the world! (cus like since when has Australia been part of Europe?!) but I am curious how it is viewed in the rest of Europe? Is it serious or equally as campy?

Also - got my eurovision 2019 playlists on repeat today in preparation!


I have my favourite for tonight.


:iceland: Iceland.


That is tonight? I really should watch again at some point just because I love Space Opera so much.
(I haven’t watched since the Eyjafjallajökull erupted–whatever that year was).

Is anyone good coming from Finland?


My understanding is they are broadcasting all 41 entrants in some format in a non competitive way. However we are doing our own scoring at home! In the UK I think the BBC is doing some kind of voting?

So yes I am sure Finland will be there, I’ll keep my eye out :slight_smile:


I’m afraid that such defeatist talk simply cannot be tolerated. It will be every bit as camp and awesome as the audience choose to make it.

We all know that Iceland was robbed, though.


We’ll be watching. I imagine there will a drunken commentary on twitter as well


I have watched in in the recent past but have too much to do tonight. It can be surprisingly entertaining - and at times downright sidesplitting, and for UK viewers the added commentary from the likes of Terry Wogan and Graham Norton really added the gravitas it deserved.

Having moved to Spain, I’m pleased to report that the Spanish television presenter who does their narration and voiceover appears to continue this trend, at least tonally as my Spanish isn’t good enough yet to understand every word.


26th of January, 1788:


The Finnish guy has only been abroad twice. This was supposed to be number 3.

I’m gutted for all of them. Really enjoyed the show tonight.


That’s cold! Funny though. :wink: