Shut up and sit down mentioned on dice tower top 100

Hi all…or whoever actually bothers to read this :slight_smile:

The Shut up and sit down cast was mentioned on dice tower top 100 - (80-71)

Unfortunately it wasn’t really a positive shout out.

But still, its an acknowledgement from THE top boardgame ambassadors.

BTW…Huge fan




Do you have a link? The dice tower put out a lot of material…

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If you care to find the bit but I’m sure it’s nothing.

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(For clarity - the actual members of Shut Up & Sit Down don’t, as far as I know, read this forum. So if you’re trying to contact them via here, it won’t work. But a lot of us are fans.)

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thank you RogerBW, its a pleasure to be here.

Its a shame they don’t have an official entry here, but hey ho. Might draw their attention via email

Mrcrayon Its a really brief mention, and done in a very cheeky and snobbish way by Tom during position No 74, while simultaneously putting down Zee and Mike.


No, he was showing them some love (in the context of ribbing Zee and Mike).

(Which is less surprising, as Tom Vasel and Quinns had appeared to get along really well when they did that video together, so the idea that he might have put them down seemed really weird.)

It’s at 56:34: Top 100 Games of All Time - 80-71 - YouTube