Selling/ Buying/ Trading Games

I’d like to share a story.

I used to own Round House. I bought it early for an inflated price to buy it just after it’s first Essen. It had the promos and expansions in. I was building up to sell it. A friend knew I wanted to see sell and asked what i wanted. I said £40 as it had the hard to get expansions. So still cheaper than a usual bit of MsRP new copy. He thought I was taking the piss as unbeknownst to me all the retailers in the UK had started discounting down to £20 for a new copy.

Then the next problem is that value is subjective. If someone has priced something wrong in your opinion I suggest being as gentle as possible as it’s their choice what to list it for and if you think they’re taking the piss it’s based on some level assumption on your part initially.

On that subject I’ve got a copy of Monopoly which I’ll give you for all your money and your house, thimble, dog, top hat and racing car.


It’s worse when it’s available new, cheaper. I used to publically say something to the seller. Now I just let someone buy it and if there is anyone asking to be reserves, I’ll PM them the details of the cheaper store. Can’t protect people who don’t do their research!

Along the same lines of thought, a reminder:

Prices will reflect what it takes the seller to let go, not what it takes the buyer to accept. When those two figures happen to overlap, a sale will occur.

However, a friendly reminder about the terrible realities of shipping fees


Thread title and topic don’t seem to match =)


Would it be all right to post here for “wanted” games?

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I was going to suggest we make it a buy-sell-trade thing

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Let’s get the ball rolling:

Location - UK

Ships to - UK and EU only

Games - this includes the UK postage cost. For EU postage, ask for a quote. I believe it is £11 for EU postage for big box games. Not sure about small ones.
3 Laws of Robotics - £3
Star Cartel - £3
Shadows: Amsterdam- £3
Dead Last - £10.
The Masters’ Trials: Wrath of Magmaroth - £13. Brand New In Shrink
Oasis - £10.
Gunkimono - £23 Brand new in shrink
Tok Tok Woodman - £10 Worn out box. Contents are fine
Airlines Europe - £35 Brand New In Shrink
7 Wonders - £54 Heavy game which ups the postage cost. Base game + Leaders + Cities + Wonders pack + Armada (w the Syracuse wonder promo). All in base game box. No insert.
Torres - £25 1999 Rio Grande edition (aka the better one)
SOLDWelcome to Dino World - £30 Opened but unplayed. T-Rex level pledge, which includes all the expansions.
SOLDDie Dolmengötter £15

If you’re around West London - Isleworth, Hounslow, Twickenham, Richmond, etc. We can meet up for collection and discount the postage.

I hope it’s fine to ask you to PM me for what interest you and I’ll give you photos of the box and the contents. There’s too many in the list for me to do proper photos on all of them


Container - 1st edition
Winners Circle - Korean Dice Tree edition
Dogs of War
Animal Upon Animal
Age of Assassins

I have The Great Zimbabwe on my wishlist but I think I’ll just wait for the reprint than to pay OOP price.

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Location: UK a bit west of London
Ships to: anywhere, via Royal Mail only, you choose the speed and insurance level
Payment by: PayPal is probably easiest



  • Air, Land & Sea whoa, under £15 delivered from Zatu, never mind then
  • Go500 Racing Dice Game (never retailed in the UK, a small cheap game, but it’s £30ish from Americans via eBay because postage)
  • Ghost Stories: Black Secret and White Moon expansions
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Oh, I am not selling anything, but if anybody is selling a copy of Tales of the Arabian Nights I’d be happy to take it off their hands provided sending it to NZ does not cost an arm and a leg…


I was offered just over £100 for a copy last week, so shipping may not be the only exorbitant cost. :grimacing:

I spied a brand new copy going on ebay over the weekend. I think it’ll still be going.



Welcome to the forums. Please stick around

Yep. Im watching that one closely.

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Yes, I know, I think this is going to have to wait till there is a reprint, it has become quite a golden egg. It will be quite likely a treat for Xmas or B’day (or both at once, as they are close together… :roll_eyes:)

Welcome to the forums, by the way. Enjoy!

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Z-Man are pretty good at bringing things back into print (eventually).

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I wouldn’t be so sure.

Asmodee have been through some massive upheaval lately - Plaid Hat going indie again, and Z-Man giving up rights to a whole bunch of games. What that means for the business backstage is anyone’s guess, but they’ve clearly had a change of direction. It’s all been phrased as ‘big business let’s the smaller businesses afford to go indie. Run free little one!’, but that all could be PR speak.

Arabian Nights is also one of the less PC games with what can happen with the story and the Orientalism. Are they going to straight up reprint it and risk potential controversy? Leave it to quietly die as an odd antiquity? Redesign the more problematic parts and release a new edition? Any of those is possible.

The longer they leave it, the more potential there is for controversy, as “old game comes back after XX years” is a bigger event, so people are more likely to notice it and want to talk about it than if it never went out of print in the first place. It also increases the chance of more reviews, and reviewers these days wouldn’t be able to escape without commenting on the issues in some way (even if it’s just to say they don’t mind it).

For all these reasons, deciding to reprint an old game is a completely different discussion to deciding to stop printing a game that’s always been in print. So to me, a reprint like for like seems less likely.

But optimistically speaking, as a narrative game, Arabian Nights is one of the easiest games to redesign. They can rephrase affected passages with minimal change to the mechanisms, or even completely retheme the game to a different setting. They could easily turn it into a 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Around the World in 80 Days type story.


Please see exhibit C: Chinatown

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Yeah, especially bad the could easily be redone as ‘generic business moguls’


I’ve got a couple of games for sale

From the UK
Ship to UK and EU

Including postage to the UK (if you want EU shipping I’ll get a quote)
Jamaica £19

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective £19

Both used but in good condition.

I’m interested in Ice Cool or Ice Cool 2 to buy or trade for the above

Which cases are in this box? Is it the back to front Wellington one?

The Munitions Magnate
Tin Soldier
Mystified Murderess
Lionised Lions
Cryptic Corpse
Pilfered Painting
Solicitous Solicitor
Thames Murders
Bankers Quietus
Mummy’s Curse