Role Play Relief... for Comic Relief 2019

Hello all.
Simon Paul Burley and a host of volunteers have produced some RPG books in aid of Comic Relief. (Disclaimer: one of the volunteers is me). They are available on DriveThruRPG:

Role Play Relief: Beginners Book

Role Play Relief: Experts Book

They contain articles, scenarios, artwork… and a phenomenal amount of goblins. The beginners book has a whole game system in it (the D6 Hack) by Simon.


I recommend the Experts’ book myself…

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@DrBob Were these a limited release? Can’t seem to find a working link, which is a bit annoying as I only noticed today that one of the books had a Wordplay scenario in it.

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I wasn’t aware that they were limited release, but they do indeed appear to have disappeared. So to speak.

Simon Paul Burley hangs about on the Tavern if you want to ask him if he still has physical copies.

Alternatively… if the Wordplay scenario you are after was the Ftagn-by-Sea one, that’s mine (formerly called Most Haunted and the Ancient Horrors and run at Stabcon). I can bung you a pdf copy of the scenario and you can fling some coins in a charity collection tin next time you pass one…


Thanks, I’ve sent you a PM about it.

It was limited to March