Rallyman:GT-5 league on BoardGameArena

Over on BoardGameGeek there’s a chap coordinating a Rallyman GT league on BoardGameArena (in which I’m playing).

There’s been a lot of demand, so I’m opening up a parallel GT-5 league. (And I believe another chap’s setting up a GT-4.)

So if you feel like playing three turn-based R:GT games at once on BoardGameArena, give me a shout on that thread, or here, with your BGA username.

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Oooh me please (I think you know my username…)

I have to say, I used GT-5 BOP last night to do April’s ISGOYTRA Rallyman GT Cup 2020 challenge (which was a blast) and so far GT-5 is absolutely my favorite of the classes; the boost die gives you so much more flexibility.

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There is one slot left in the final table of the GT-5 championship.

Tangentially related, I finally got my physical copy on the table. I really like BOP! It’s interesting how the strengths and weaknesses of each car interact. GT-4 cars are very nimble and seem to gather tons of focus tokens; GT-5 cars are extremely flexible in planning their turns and can really mess with other cars by using their green die out of a turn; and GT-6 cars can stop everyone else from passing by being in 6th gear if they can find an opportunity on a straight.

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I felt as though the classes haven’t differentiated themselves enough. I’m actually kicking around the idea of making a deck of drivers that could be drafted before the race begins and then having to switch driver cards once you pass the finish/lap line… That was the drivers could add a bit more variability into the game.

All of that said, GT-5 are my favorite because of the versatility of the Boost die.

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On the twisty tracks I favour, I rarely get up to 6 anyway. :slight_smile:

I’m a fan of the driver/sponsor powers division in Automobiles: Racing Season (I’m not a racing game fan, I just like a bunch of games that happen to be racing games, OK?). The way that works: a driver power works every turn, and stays with you for the entire multi-race series. A sponsor has three powers: if you’re first, if you’re last, and if you’re in between. At the end of each race, in finish order, you can choose a new sponsor or keep your existing one, then use their power.

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Well, my driver idea would, in the case of a series of races, be elaborated to one-driver races per race (or longer, provided a red flag is not drawn against the driver).

It’s definitely something I hope JCB gets around to eventually from an official perspective. In the meantime, I’m definitely going to try my hand at it.

How are you going to balance drivers? It seems that the way BOP is balance is that each car has the same number of black + white dice (7 with the right tires) so that everyone can theoretically move the same number of spaces each turn.

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Well, it’ll take some playtesting because I’m hoping that each one will be extraordinary but still balanced across all drivers. It’ll probably use the Focus token economy to activate the abilities.

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I’ve just opened signups for season 2.