Podcast #185 - Did We Play Cosmic Frog? (Live!)


In this agnostic episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, our three intrepid explorers at the UKGE blast through multiple odd games in a chaotic pod-special! We Rob Art in Art Robbery, Get On Board in Get On Board and Island Tinily in Tiny Islands, before dreaming of factories in Nicodemus. This podcast also posits a very, very important question… did we play Cosmic Frog?

Have a great weekend, everybody!


00:35 - Cosmic Frog

01:08 - Get On Board!

15:47 - Tiny Islands

21:08 - Art Robbery

25:57 - Nicodemus

“Tiny Islands” isn’t on BGG, but it sounds an awful lot like Small Islands – which I borrowed from @cornishlee after he featured it on the podcast, and ended up buying from him. (That’s available on BGA too.) Lovely game which I’d like to play more.

That ending was really weird. Given there wasn’t much discussion of the game I wondered why they kept the Blackpool bashing that they seemed to realise was kind of awkward.

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I was doing the washing up when Tom started talking to people listening to the podcast while doing the washing up… But my name isn’t Dave so it wasn’t too weird!

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