Podcast #177 - Asymmetrical Arguing


In this electric episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast Tom and Quinns are going toe-to-toe in a battle for the ages, fighting the corner of the game that they like, and the other person… likes too… but less…

On this podcast we’re chatting about our lengthy first impressions of Crescent Moon and our much snappier first impressions of Bear Raid, as well as literally about 20 seconds of talking about the Mind MGMT app - so little, in fact, that I haven’t even timestamped it!

Have a great weekend, everybody!


02:39 - Crescent Moon

34:11 - Bear Raid

Always happy to see a Quinns and Tom episode. They have such a great sibling-like dynamic. (Not to mention, selfishly, they’re usually the easiest to transcribe.)


Hmm. Stock options are such a basic part of my thinking that I hadn’t considered them as a suitable matter for a game. Maybe they could be, with the right physical representation…

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I own Bear Raid for the expect reason Quinn’s said. It’s the only game I’m aware of that allows you to go into negative stocks. Also it’s a small box footprint and a relatively quick game that allows buying/selling. Most short games with stocks only allows purchases.

Also Crescent Moon sounds fascinating, I’ve put it on my wishlist whilst I think about it.

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I once watched that film with that guy who destroyed barings bank- it’s got Ewan mcgregor I think. The scene where he knows he makes it if a share creeps up and past a certain number and then the crush when it just misses and falls feels like a perfect moment to capture in games.