Podcast #176 - Illuminate the Dogs of War


In this furious episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Quinns, Ava, and Tom are talking about three games that couldn’t be more different. First up we’ve got a chat about Illumination - a game all about scrawling doodles in the margins of MonkBooks, before pivoting hard into playing (?) with (?) dogs in Good Puppers - a set collection game with a sinister backstory. Finally, we’re talking about our not-too-positive experience with Memoir ‘44 Flight Plan, and Quinns asks everyone a difficult question.

PS: I’m really sorry about the stings.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


02:15 - Illumination

14:59 - Good Puppers

25:58 - Memoir ‘44: New Flight Plan

35:52 - Quinns’ Special Debate

I really liked the stings!

Interesting points on wargaming, too - the more realistic the game, the more I try to treat it seriously, which among other things means being careful to avoid excessive casualties even if this individual game is just a one-off. (And I know people who have figures painted up for the starving defenders of Berlin in the last days of WWII; that wouldn’t be me.) And the more the game wants to say “har har, all these peasant soldiers just got killed by your awesome monster” the less happy I am with it.

And yet I still play V-Commandos.

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A hidden traitor monk game sounds fun: bit like “The Name of the Rose” perhaps?

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I got good puppers based on this. I also am starting to find that old twitter vernacular irritating but the game seemed sharp.