Podcast #168 - The Heavy-sode Layer


In this 3,000 pound episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Matt and Ava are wading into the quagmire of crunchy decisions, cold calculation and brain-burnin’. First, they’re rambling about the plains and pains of The Great Zimbabwe before letting their artistic side loose on The Gallerist. If by ‘artistic side’ you mean ability to manipulate the market value of a wonky sculpture.

Have a lovely weekend, folks!


01:26 – The Great Zimbabwe

18:14 – The Gallerist

Such a negative take on TGZ, which people I know love, and a positive one for the Gallerist, which people I know are very meh on.

Sounds like they were trying to number crunch TGZ too hard for a first game.

Matt’s take often sounds too shallow for my liking. He plays badly, experimentally, in both games, and finds one ends up in a funny board state and the other doesn’t, so the funny one is better, somehow?


Yeah, his opinions were generally more relevant back when he only did light, funny games in The Opener series, but now that he’s a senior member, I suppose he’s obligated to take point on stuff like this… :thinking: