Podcast #167 - Generic Wet Hubris


In this panoramic episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Matt and Tom are back in action, ready to talk about a little heap of cardboard that’s been growing in the corner over the festive break; it grows a little every time you look away, and we’re hiring someone to take care of it.

On this podcast you can hear about the ever-rolling Dice Realms, the ever-sinking Atlantis Rising (2nd Edition) and the ever-expensive Q.E. A bunch of games that we’re keen on, but not… that keen on. Wahoo!

Have a lovely weekend, folks!


01:51 - Dice Realms

17:01 - Atlantis Rising (2nd Edition)

30:20 - Q.E

I’m really interested in dice realms but £100 (seems to be priced somewhere between 80 and 95 realistically)
is a lot.

I can see why the price is high (1 a lot of plastic 2 general inflation in prices) but my wages haven’t gone up the same rate so it feels expensive.

I’d be quite intrigued if there was a scuffed box or Amazon is dumping a bunch of these (of course the ethical consideration are a bit rough)

The left/right stereo portion of the podcast happened while I was driving. Felt like I had Tom sitting in my passenger seat.

I’ve had Zee Garcia in my passenger seat. (We were both heading back to the middle of Essen at the same time, and I had a car.)

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I’m definitely interested in That Time You Killed Me - hopefully someone I know will buy it :laughing: