Podcast #148 - The Cost Of Forks



In this industrious 148th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Quinns and Tom are jumping into two varyingly bleak economic games. The Cost is an asbestos-mining infrastruct-em-up with a beige board and some bleak commentary, while Arkwright: The Card Game takes Arkwright’s cutlery manufacturing to a more compact place.

2:24 - The Cost
15:49 - Arkwright: The Card Game

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Does anyone know who Quinns references at the end with “we would love to have that dollar”? It sounds like Dan Collin but no googling of any name that is phonetically similar brings up anybody that I think Quinns could be referencing. I’m guessing it’s some British persona that I’m unaware of.

I think it’s Dan Carlin - he’s a (very much American) history podcaster.

NB: You can tell he’s American because he wears a cap in every photo whilst looking very serious.

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Thanks! It’s an American persona I was unaware of.

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Definitely have a look at his hardcore history podcast if you get a chance. He’s a fantastic presenter.

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I listened to this one on my commute today (literally the only upside to commuting), and I think I’ve been persuaded to buy Arkwright the card game…