Podcast #144 - Oxford's Delight



In this hungrily 144th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Quinns, Tom and Ava are locked in a room together! A week long gathering of your verifiably rowdy hosts kicked off with three cracking reprints of lovely older games, and then we all did a podcast about them!

We start with Big Daddy Kniz’s Royal Visit, move to Cornwall for Martin Wallace’s Tinner’s Trail before jumping across the pond for a steamboat race in Mississippi Queen.

Due to a live record, some of the trips and erms have been impossible to excise, so expect a slightly more chaotic pod than usual. We were very excited to be playing games together.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

02:36 - Royal Visit
13:03 - Tinner’s Trail
26:08 - Mississippi Queen

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Well this and Luna have convinced me to get Royal Visit. I bloody love tug of war games!


Did anyone make out Ava’s music recommendation for Mississippi Queen?

I haven’t listened, but surely that would be the song by Mountain?

It took a lot of googling of different things (Roose Maneevers? Rusman Evers?) but I finally found it: Roots Manuva’s Facety 2:11.

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Ta! Added to the melodice.org page for MQ because I am a cruel and nasty person.


I hadn’t heard of this site before! Just searching for a few games I typically like to put music on for, I think it’s killing it with Robo Rally and Race for the Galaxy, but it’s odd that for Targi and Istanbul it’s all civ video game soundtracks and not, say, actual Tuareg or Turkish music.

I occasionally go in and poke the listing for a particular game. There’s no authentication, anyone can suggest tracks for anything and they’re added immediately, so it does rely on goodwill.

(I have of course written a shim to interface it with the mpd audio server, because me.)

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For anyone who listens and wants another fun silly race game, there’s one coming out with a new edition soon that Quinns recommended back in the day: Gravwell! You’re all playing spaceships that are using the other players’ ships to slingshot yourself past them, because instead of “this moves you forward” or “this moves you backward,” all of your cards move you either towards or away from the nearest ship. And because it’s variable what order everyone will move in in a round, you may think you’re going to be blasting ahead when actually someone lands in the space RIGHT BEHIND YOU and you’re sent spiraling back towards the start. It’s very silly and very fun.

Yeah. Totally agree with Royal Delight and they did mentioned something that I didnt noticed until they mentioned it - it is moreish!

I wanted to like Tinner’s Delight and Mississippi Delight, but eehhh. But I played the old version of Tinners Trail, rather than Alley Cat’s. And also Im still glad that Super Meeple reprinted MQ with top notch production.

Lastly, Im surprised at the first impression of TI4 PoK exp. It was, for me, a massive improvement without adding more clunky rules. More rules seems to be something I would expect from FFG.

I played it some years ago. I was quite impressed by the bits, and I liked the action timing mechanic, but I did terribly at the bidding…

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Agree. The bits are so cute. And then ACG went for the deluxe components that looks worse than their retail version. :joy:

Wallace used the time-as-a-resource again in AuZtralia and that one was fun too.

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