Podcast #140 - My Beans! My Beautiful Beans!



In this decadently 140th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Boardgame: The Podcast, we’re talking about a couple of hot-button-games that we’ve come over all tepid about. We’ll first guide you into the asymmetrical port of Merchants Cove, before serving up a delicious mug of mathematical coffee in… Coffee Traders!

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

01:54 - Merchants Cove
19:41 - Coffee Traders

So this one saved me the waffling. Not on Merchants Cove I was convinced after the first previews that the whole minigame pileup was not for me.

But I was originally interested in Coffee Traders and then I recently noticed first the price on that game. A bit later I watched part of a payed preview and came away feeling that while the game seems interesting it also looks a bit like Arkwright with more colors. Because the setting interests me thqt would not necessarily be a dealbreaker. But just like with Carnegie it quickly became evident to me that it lacks a visible nod to the problematic issues associated with the setting. I would have liked to see something about fair trade coffee at the very least…but whatever is there is not prominent enough for me to jump on this with the high price point. So this one has already left my wishlist.


I pre-ordered Coffee Traders early and with serious excitement. I still have high hopes for it, but I guess I’ll find out in June if it’s too crunchy. On a gut level I’m pretty confident I’ll disagree on a few of their comments though.