PBF Mage Knight recruitment

Aside from @Lordof1, anyone else up for Mage Knight?

There are a few options, so, poll:

  • I’m interested in a competitive scenario
  • I’m interested in a cooperative scenario
  • I’m interested in a solo scenario played cooperatively
  • I have never played before or read the rules

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Please check all that apply.

Oh, polls are anonymous now.

If people could just post what they are interested in that would probably work better.

I’m interested! Basically, in anything (I have never tried a co-op solo scenario, so I didn’t vote for that one).

I have read the rules, I have played the game, but it was back in… 2018? Probably? So I am definitely rusty. But gosh I remember having a great time.

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I voted for competitive but I’m honestly happy with any of the above.


Alright, well, not a huge turnout, but I think 3 for a beginner-friendly competitive game is enough. I’ll sit out. Who is our anonymous 3rd?

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I would be interested in participating but I have never played… (sorry this scrolled through the other day)


I’ll be following along with interest, but don’t think I have the mental capacity for a PbF like this right now.