PBF Eclipse (Discussion)

Has anyone else played it before?
Roger, do you think you’re able to make the special dice required?

Got a reference to what they need to do?

(I’m working on a new and more capable dice roller but if the existing one can be made to do it that’ll be easier.)

(A cautionary note: the effort of running PBFs can suddenly explode when they get complicated, which is why I only run 1-2 at a time.)

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LoL, it definitely is for a future game! I do plan to only Host no more than 2 games at a time.
I’ll send you the specs on the dice. They aren’t normal ones, but we can identify them by color.

More and more I’m finding Eclipse much more enjoyable and a definitely shorter game. An upcoming convention, I’m looking to host a 6 player game of it. If no one has looked into it, I highly suggest you check it out if you’re a Ti4 fan. Ti4 will always be good, but Eclipse is a good second! (the newest version).

Would love to hear what others think?

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I want everyone to know, I do know there are ways we can make PBF games smoother by substituting other ways of doing things or representing things from a board game… However, I really like to keep things shown as if you were playing the actual game in person. That way when a new player who has played it here; they will be familiar and comfortable with all the original pieces (and procedures) in a real in-person live game. ie. we could always use a different kind of life counter in a game, or different symbol for a game piece, but when that player transitions into a live game, they could get confused.
Thus, I try my best to keep everything original.


Yes, I have played and mostly enjoyed Eclipse, maybe 4 times. I think I might prefer Clash of Cultures though.

I’ve played a friend’s copy of the 2011 release once quite a few years ago. I don’t have any recollection of the specifics but I do remember enjoying it, even though it took a long time to play. I do recall thinking that the manual wasn’t great but I can’t remember if that was due to poor writing or poor layout (or both).

From memory, only different colour d6’s were involved in the first edition. Does the second edition change that?

Yes, the newest edition has specially made dice (6 sided). They are not like the previous editions which used normal (colored) 6 sided dice. Now they have “blanks” as well as 1-4 “auto hit” diagrams on them. I don’t have my set on me and will put together their composition (when I get to my game box tonight which is at the office. I’m on night shift this week)

Any update to this game? No one else has had an opportunity to play or wanting to play?

I would be up for a game.