“Oy!” “Wut?” Just chat (The Return of)

Which one?

Another candidate could be Dirk Gently…
But chatGPT is seems really bad at summarizing episodes either that or IMDB and Wikipedia suck.



I knew there was another anthology series I’d forgotten about


I wouldn’t have remembered without chatGPT but I knew that I knew the episode from your description.


Story idea, not at all based on the fact that I’m watching ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ for my film podcast: famous vet Mick Narsh is thrown from a stallion whilst racing to tend to a ram with a corrupted pizzle. He awakens in the castle of the mysterious Count Everard Cock, retired Welsh aristocrat and veterinary surgeon.
Cock explains that he has grown bored ministering to domestic animals and his tastes have become ever more exotic. He finally admits to Narsh that recently he has begun developing medicine for the most exotic animal of all…. Man!

Narsh points out that this would make him a doctor. Count Cock loses enthusiasm for the project.


I just need to mention that I still hate Windows.

It‘s been a few days and I am still not over that fact that on Thursday the Window people destroyed not one but 2 different pieces that the electrician had to repair… after him directly warning them that there was a line running through that one particular piece of wall they were working on… later the window guy told me in a different context that he just wasn‘t good with electrical stuff. No shit.


This went a different direction, I thought this was the tech thread for a minute.


Now this, THIS is a recliner.


Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand…
“You can recline here.”


I was going to have a rant about the recent rushed dog legislation in the UK, but I realised that I laready did it, years ago, and basically nothing has changed. I refer you to my previous rant on breed-specific legislation. Great job, Suella.



“Sorry this page does not exist”

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Fixed it now, sorry.


Ikea Shrinkflation ca 15 years apart :face_with_spiral_eyes::sob:


I just saw that the German first edition of Anachrony will be at SPIEL. So be ready everyone for an SdJ nomination next year :stuck_out_tongue:


Im gonna pre-empt the idiots:

“WHAT!? How come they are nominating X when it was released back in 20nn!? Blah blah blah blah”


Stolen from mastodon - read the image first.


We moved.
We have some leftover furniture.

The Wardrobes of Chaos

Namely two 4-Element “Interlübke” wardrobes I got from my parents. Those things are older than me as far as I know. At least from the 70s. They are really good quality but we just don’t have the desire to have more than 1 wardrobe and we have a more modern one that doesn’t tend to “lean” and which has doors that just close.

Nevertheless I put the newer old one, which we had been using in the apartment as “random access storage”, on Kleinanzeigen (as I did my 20 year old fridge which someone paid 100€ for).

You won’t believe.

First I forgot to add the measurements. Each element is ca. 60x60cm and 220cm high. The latter… turns out is an issue.

Someone was interested but then figured out they couldn’t transport it. They never got back to me so I reopened the ad.

Someone else also could not transport it.

Then there was this woman, she asked me to call her so we could talk.
I now know her life story. That of her children, which car she drives and that it’s a Diesel but because she’s using AdBlu it’s not an issue and that she’s quite rich but felt the need to convince me that she was acting sustainably and so wanted to buy this used wardrobe.

She also didn’t know how to transport it.

But she told me 3 times that she was a problem-solver and she would figure it out.
Instead of locally, the wardrobe would travel 1.000km to her new house.
By that time we were talking almost 30 minutes of my work-time but I thought: I won’t have to throw it away, I am lucky someone wants the monster.

She asked if we could wrap the thing in bubble wrap. I offered to make it easier to transport by wrapping it with something. (We have leftovers from the move)

By that time we had the people who were renovating the apartment take down the wardrobe because they needed to do the niche it was in.

Then the person who originally wanted it got back to me and said they now had transport and because the transport was costing them, if they could have it for free. (I was giving it away almost for free anyway)

I’m like “duh. 10 days since you last messaged me… I got someone else. But you know what, I have a 2nd one of these in the basement, just the doors aren’t white. That one is free.”

“I’ll have to check,” he messaged.

Then I sent the woman whose lifestory was less compelling than she thought the picture of the wardrobe after it had been taken down and stacked neatly in one fo the rooms (the people who renovated the apartment are really good).

She got back to me “OMG that looks so complicated, do you have setup instructions?”
Me: “Sorry that thing is 40 years old, we don’t. I have photos from how it was setup. The 4 elements are identical, I think you can figure out which are the doors, side pieces and backs.”

I also told her to tell me if she wanted to back out.

The odyssee of the wardrobe is not over. I wish I had decided to just bring it here. And set it up somewhere in the basement. But guess what: there is another one setup in the only room of the basement that has space for it. And my dad has another one as his wardrobe and more Interlübke in his living room and I know he already threw out yet another one of those … how many wardrobes can 2 people have?

(Also the one in the basement is spewing moths. Because I assume that my mom’s clothing from the 70s I used to play dress-up with is still in there. But the room is currently locked due to craftspeople being here all the time, so I can’t go and check)


But which one of them leads to Narnia?


If it was the one now in pieces, we’re never getting there

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2 of them are in pieces right now. I suspect the one my dad is using might lead to Narnia. At least the cat says so.