Online escape rooms that aren't escape rooms

Hi folks

I played The Mermaid’s Tongue the other week and it was very good. Can anyone recommend a similar experience? I guess it was an escape room, but used video, Zoom and other clever things. Perhaps the best way to describe it is more of a narrative adventure that’s part theatre?

The Mermaid’s Tongue review on the Guardian

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I did an Agatha Christie themed one with my colleagues the other day:

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I am guessing these require that everyone participating speaks English?

(I do obviously but not all of my friends speak it well enough to care spending their spare time in a foreign language)

The one I posted definitely does.

Thanks! Is it purely text-based, or do they bring in elements of other things? What was great about The Mermaid’s Tongue is that players get phone calls too

Yes, this definitely needed you to understand English well