On health care policy

You’re right, it is a personal view on ethics, and I should not assume that everyone want to have that debates, or that it is a common and shared view by all.

With my mod voice explicitly not in use, my personal feeling is that there are many, many other places for political talk and I don’t want this to become like the cesspits that they are. But hey, surprise me.


Let me say, first, that I am willing to state my own views on ethics, if that topic is allowed. But, second, that I have a high degree of confidence that what I think about ethics will be controversial, based on past experience; I don’t anticipate that it will lead to our finding common ground.

Well, okay, I’ll try to give a coherent brief summary of my ethical and meta-ethical outlook. But I’m going to wait a while and think about it, rather than jumping in in haste.

I actually really agree with the fact that there are other place to discuss this kind of topics.
Here is what I’m suggesting, as an idea to try and see if we can make this discussion both civil and respectful of other. Could we try to make a private thread, via message, and when we feel we both finished talking, we can see if it would be valuable to make it public? And we could invite other people on the private thread who are willing to have a discourse ?

For the moment, let me say, “Maybe; let me think about it.” My concern is more with time required than anything else; if you don’t mind a slow pace it’s less of an issue.

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Let’s think about it. But for the record, I really don’t mind the slow pace. I also think if we should start the thread on the basis that we are in disagreement, and that we both want to share why we care about our belief more than we want change the other one mind. Also, we should feel free to let the conversation die if one of us just stop responding, without feeling we “won” the conversation.

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All of that sounds reasonable.

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I’m following this thread with interest…

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