NaNoWriMo Talk 2020

For a merchant family, contacts and relationships are potentially more valuable than a treasure (and there might be legal issues to consider about acquiring treasure, especially for a major merchant family). Perhaps helping Mina would get them in someone’s good books, or even just get them acquainted? Or perhaps the valuable thing on the Wind IS someone who they’d love to have a good relationship with?

I’m still working on Sam the Previously Lizard - painfully slowly. Sam is currently concluding that humans come in a range of elemental affinities, like mephits (paramedics and Morrisons employees are plant-type humans, Virgin staff are fire-type, security are mostly water-type).


Yep. The last of my Christmas visitors went home on Sunday, and on Thursday I will start blocking out three hours per day of five days per week for writing.


I’ve really got to finish my Nanowrimo novel. I’ve been totally slack so far. A couple of friends have expressed interest in reading it, so I need to get it finished before they lose interest.


The thoughtful and wise @Agemegos created a new thread where we can continue discussing our writing goals for the year:

I certainly intend to post frequently (I’ll be honest, if the rest of these forums are any indication, probably too frequently, but that’s just the way I am wired), and heartily recommend anyone else looking to discuss the fine art of stringing one word after another head over there.

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Never did get the conclusion of this; I did finish my thing!

It’s the first time I’ve ever finished a thing in 15 years of starting things!

Having started on November 18, and finishing around January 18, that comes to exactly one metric month :wink: Came to about 32k words overall. Could have finished faster, but Christmas :thinking:

Now the real question; what do I do with the thing? :sweat_smile:


You share it!

That can be the hardest step of all though.


That’s great! Well done you!