My First Game (that I created): Vision Quest

Hello lovely folks,
I reached out a few months ago here asking for advice on
Kickstarting board games and received lots of great advice.

One of the most common pieces
was about having a mod of the game on Table Top Simulator.

**So I am happy to share with you: the mod for my board game: **
Vision Quest

There isn’t any scripting but all the assets are there and I have played it several times already :slight_smile:

Some information about the game: It is a point-point racing game with a balance between randomness and strategy. There is also light betting, cooperative and competition. 2-4 players, Learning ~20 minutes, play time ~30 minutes.

I would love it if you simple perused the mod, and if you have time to play it with other people, that would be fantastic!
I put together a survey and would be grateful for any feedback on the game and the mod. Feedback

The game is heavily inspired by a lot of research I did on Algonquin mythology. Their oral tradition is very important to me and I worry about its disappearance. The game was also designed to look at the idea of fatalism VS free-will: are we cogs in a cosmic machine or is it up to us to make the best choices out of random occurrences. All the art work was drawn by me and purposely done with little photographic reference or sketching: to simulate the consciousness ability to make mental images.

Our plan is to host a pretty small kick-starter (50 copies) with the one stretch goal being able to work with a large scale print shop for a large batch (500 copies). This would be at the end of the fall.

We also have an Instagram:
Vision Quest
And a Facebook: Vision Quest

Thank you so much!
Ryan Miech


Are you intending to handmake those 50 copies?


Hi Mark! We are not, The Game Crafter can do quantities such as 50 copies and the quality is decent. How ever, higher end print shops (where the quality is excellent) have a minimum amount of anywhere from 500 to 2000. This is called minimum order quantity (MOQ) (Though you already probably knew this already haha). So if we reach enough funding, we can switch over to one of these manufactures.

Though the idea of artisan handcrafted board games is an interesting one that I have thought about recently.