More games news: Colt Express Big Box, Happy Salmon new edition

Obviously includes the existing two expansions (Marshal & Prisoners, and Horses & Stagecoach) (but not the Time Travel Car promo). The new bandit “Silk” will apparently be available for purchase later, and they’re talking about a new expansion “2 Trains, 1 Mission” next year. (Looks as if “Indians” has been permanently abandoned, probably for the best.)

Exploding Kittens has bought Happy Salmon from North Star Games, and will release a new edition later this year “with an Exploding Kittens twist”. So if you want a copy, probably buy it now.


Sad that it’s a box of what I already have, and not a full collection of the bits I’m missing (the bandit expansions and promos)

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Yeah, the robobandits were probably overpriced but I’m glad to have them. I don’t have any of the other promos beyond the Time Travel Car.

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More on that:

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