MonsDRAWsity: Live at AwSHUX Spring 2021


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Well that was lovely.

I had a chance to try MonDRAWsity last weekend. It went over… okay. Not great, but okay. Part of the complaint was the components: the dry erase boards didn’t wipe clean (whether the fault of the boards or the markers, I do not know).

We played one full round (5 players, everyone took a turn), but I don’t think it “landed” for the group. And Pictomania is… just better, really. Much, much better.

(Also: Holy hells those are some talented artists… I thought Jonathan’s sister did all the artwork but he obviously knows what he’s doing, and Kwanchai is nothing short of genius)

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Quoted purely for repetition. He’s the only “board game artist” I can think of that deserves attention as a plain-old-artist.

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