Masking my Excitement


A very nicely timed pre-order has given me a Christmas present from myself: the new edition of this fantastic Call of Cthulhu adventure. I look forward to repeatedly killing and driving my players insane at the face of a bleak uncaring hostile universe in a variety of exotic locations. And London.



Several Kickstarters have rolled in in time for Christmas, including Evil High Priest.


It’s quite a package you’ve got there.


I do have an impressive CoC in my hands.


Well if you really want innuendo, I’ll give you one; I can keep it up all night. (Carry On Up the Whartson, anyone?)


Thank you for giving me 40 minutes on a plane ride failing to find interesting anagrams of Jackson Elias but struggling mightily with the words “ska” and “lei” only to arrive at an improbable tiki bar scene involving squirrel nut zippers fit only for a rifts game.