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I’m not sure if an omni-thread would be best. So, I’ll go ahead and create this.

Post here if you’re looking for people you want to play with. State the game, number of desired players, time/date (if there is one), Mode: async or real-time, platform. This differs from the play-by-forum, as we don’t play by forum.

As an example, and also a legitimate entry:

Game: El Grande
Players: 4 or 5 players
Mode: real-time, preferably. But async is okay
Time/Date: 16th or 17th, if we end up playing real-time
Platform: Yucata - free to register and use

Still interested, @pillbox and @Captbnut ?

Editted the dates


Game: Mage Knight Board Game
Players: 2 to 5 players
Mode: async
Platform: Vassal

I’m in!

As in June?

I don’t know how everybody feels about real-time but if we go that route, having a voice chat would be interesting as well.

I am really excited to get into 18XX games and am familiar with the rules of 1889 but have never played an actual game. I tinkered around with 18xx.games in the (multi-handed solo) hotseat mode and it seems to do its job pretty well, so I would love to try that!
My experience level is obviously beginner, but more experienced players are welcome as well if they don’t mind low level play.

Game: 1889
Players: 3 to 5 players
Mode: async
Platform: 18xx.games

Only if all players dont mine. Otherwise, async is completely okay to me

EDIT: Editted the dates!

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I’m in! I have exactly one game of 18xx under my belt and it was 1889.

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Weekends are bad for me. That said, if there’s a group able to do it real-time, please feel free to leave me out- I’ll catch an async one next time around!

I can do El Grande. Are you looking at this weekend, or 16/17 June?

I can’t do tomorrow. Work in the morning and then Eurovision!

Happy with a voice or video call

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