Looking for a solo worker management/economic/building game - not too long/complex

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’m still considering Architects… and Everdell but Nusfjord too as it did look lovely. Will watch some solo playthrough videos tomorrow if I get time and see if that confirms or sways my decisions. Brass Birmnigham too, even if just in the hope one day I’ll find others to play it with.

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I can’t remember where I saw it announced, but there’s an app version of Brass Birmingham on the way.

Simple way to try it.

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Initial decisions made. Nusfjord bought and delivered so hopefully get to try it this weekend. Architects of the West Kingdom ordered but will take a few weeks to get here from the US.

Considering a few others for the next batch, as also on the way are Memoir '44 and V-Commandos, plus El Dorado just arrived in the post this lunchtime.