Kitara - Dev Diary

The concept of an ancient sub-Saharan theme with mythological elements on an area-control game was very interesting and was in my “list of interest” from this year’s “Essen”. Then, I read the dev diary and I thought there’s a lot of thought involved in here. (feel free, of course, to chime in and disagree) Enough that it’s a must-buy for me.


I skimmed through it a bit. Definitely sounds interesting. I am surprised that the publisher is IELLO, I mostly associate them with quick small games like Welcome to the Dungeon. I’ll be looking for your notes on the game then :wink:

I’ve already got my insta-buys down for Essen and since I bought so many games recently that is a short list of 1 game: Cloud Age because I missed out on all the previous big Pfisters and a bunch of expansions (those don’t count when you set the list to “not show expansions”) and a bunch of Kickstarters rolling in right around now that would in other years have been “hunt it down at SPIEL” games.


I didn’t read the diary, but looked into it a bit on BGG. Definitely sounds interesting, and the various boards for player count and custom meeples both have me watching for it now.

I loooove when people pull from non-mainstream history. There’s so much amazing culture and history in the world - why recreate the same couple places over and over?? Well, not that I dislike the standard European/medieval centric themes - I love them to pieces. But you never know what awesome stuff other humans have made unless people actually do this kind of research. Very interested!

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