Identify the movie!

Okay, trying to start up another forum game. We’ll see how long this lasts…

So, way back when, we used to go to a Geek Trivia night. The hosts would almost always include a question that began, “Sometimes, when I watch a movie…” They would then go on to say how they couldn’t always remember actors’ names, so they would instead just use different characters the actors portrayed to describe films.

For instance, you could describe Star Wars by saying “It’s the movie where Fagin brings along the Joker and Jack Ryan to rescue Carol Petersen from the clutches of Abraham Van Helsing and Mufasa.”

So, with that in mind, what movie did was I watching that had Frank Castle, Carol Danvers, Johnny Storm, and Clark Kent?

If you get it right, then post your own list of characters. The trivia guys usually just did four, but it’s not a strict rule.

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Scott Pilgrim.

Next up: Wolverine vs Batman. Black Widow is also there.

And Alfred. And Alfred.


Oh I’m not going to get any of these but I’m here to watch you all do amazingly well at it

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The Prestige?


Correct! :trophy:

And you, of course, were also correct. Nicely done

Something I should have mentioned, and will edit the initial post, the clues usually just used four characters.

Technically, mine only used four characters :smiley:

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Arnold Rimmer is Malificent’s butler.

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Without checking anything, is it Tomb Raider?


Bingo! Spot on.

The Hulk punches The Joker in the face while his alter ego, Achilles, is fooling around with the Red Queen.

Fight Club!

Next up: Lord Farquaad, Robocop, the Kurgan, and David Levinson.

Wow that’s an obscure movie. I had to look it up! So i guess i cant answer …

Yeh, I got nothing. I can identify two of the actors and have no idea what they’ve been in.

I got all the actors but never heard of the film

Seriously? It’s a cult classic!

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For what it’s worth I had it with just the first two characters. I’ll let someone else take a stab though, I don’t have anything loaded up.

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Its the most cult of cult classics (like VictorViper, I have nothing ready)

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I didn’t do one after Tomb Raider, so I’ll throw out a new one to keep the thread going:

Davy Jones, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and Moriarty.

Since we’ve got a new round I’ll close out the last one: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Watch it. It’s as ridiculous as the title suggests.

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