How are you today?

We’re both a bit meh at the moment. Work is tough - the businessman part of me needs us to be busy, but the part of me that doesn’t want Covid wants us to be empty, but January is always tricky.

We’re trying to get some things in the diary to look forward to; virtually. We’ve got an Eddie Izzard gig tomorrow night and Abandoman in a couple of weeks. Our youngest is going to be 12(!) at the beginning of February and he won’t see any of his friends until well after that. We’re organising a virtual party for him - one playing Among Us and one with a Realms Plus Minecraft world (thanks @pillbox ). We’re going to take bags of party food round to all his friends so they can all eat crap together.

It’s odd organising things when the kids are in High School/ comp because you don’t meet other parents any more.

Trying to play games as a family (Imperial Assault and Decrypto featuring heavily) and virtually (thanks @Whistle_Pig ) as it’s nice to crunch the brain in a non work context.

I’ve also been persuaded that we should get a dog, although I’m putting that off for a couple of months so we can do the new dog stuff (whatever that entails) not in a total lockdown.

Also cricket is back. Although I am proper jealous watching the crowds in NZ and Oz.


Often wondered does among us require multiple purchases from everyone?

Also I’m looking into that izzard gig. Totally passed me by.

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Among Us requires everyone to own the game, but it’s free on mobile.


I could say more about this, but it would involve discussing, not politics, but more fundamentally, ethics. Is ethics also outside the bounds for this group? Perhaps it should be. I ask the opinion of the moderators.

(Let me note that personally I would be happy to discuss ethics. But then I consider dialectic to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. I recognize that others may not share my tastes, and “there is a time and a place for everything.”)

I’ve never played Among Us, but the boys enjoy it.

The Izzard gig is part of a thing he’s doing in January - running a marathon every day and then doing a “Best Of” stand up show at night - including one in French and one in German!

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It’s been split off into its own topic

May tune into one of them and the fact that she is donating proceeds to a good cause helps motivate me to order a ticket.

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Yes, health care has, but I’m not talking about health care; the laws we’re talking about are the ones that limit freelance work.

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Sorry. I wasn’t trying to steer into the merits of different ethical views (we are all intelligent individuals and can see both sides of arguments even if we don’t agree with them) but more a rather light touch towards an amenable conclusion. Since it has created a spin off thread I’m happy to let it live there.

As an individual unfamiliar with the US healthcare system I’ll avoid any comment myself.

My original sentiment stands however… I am sorry to hear that this will impact you so severely, I truly hope that it works out somehow.


Thank you. I hope so, but I have my doubts.


We have an appointment to look at a new apartment on Tuesday morning. On Monday I’m going to make appointments with two more places, if I can.

I’ve found a local moving firm that will do the packing for us. We just have so much stuff that I can’t expect to get it packed between now and when our lease expires, so I’m going to solve the problem by throwing money at it. At least for the present we have money.


Best of luck with the search!

Thank you!

As of 11 January, things are starting to move ahead. We have appointments to see apartments in three complexes this week; I’m hoping one of them will fit us. If not, there are three more on my list to call, and one where I’ve called and left a message. We’re not going to apply till we’ve had a good look at what’s available . . .

A Kitanes brand cigarette?


We’ve just applied for a new apartment: A three-bedroom with approximately the same area as our current two-bedroom, and for about the same rent. We’re supposed to get a Yes or No within 24 hours. So at the moment I’m feeling a mix of anticipation and suspense . . .

Update, 20 January: Apparently everything we turned in is satisfactory, except that they need to get a statement from our current property manager. The manager at the new place talked with the current manager this morning and e-mailed her the document with questions; we haven’t heard further. This slowness of response is a big part of why we want to move to a new place, of course . . .

Further update: We’ve just been called and told we’re getting the apartment. We’ll be able to sign the lease tomorrow. Woot!


Good luck!

I’m very tired (woke up at 4am for some reason, though I did get a bit more sleep) and my wife’s discovered rain seeping through a crack in the ceiling. I’m really struggling with being at work - I came back after several months of sick leave and don’t think I really recovered.

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Best of luck!

I’m not going to post the link because I know everyone on this site isn’t happy with how the election went in America. However, if you’re anyway inclined please have a look at Amanda Gorman.


Fuuuuuuuhhhhaaak. That made me cry. And I’m not even American.

happy sigh

And to think, for years I didn’t want to know what the poets are doing (those Himalayans of the mind)…


We’ve signed the lease. Now we just have to get through the move.