Holiday traditions

Have one on me :tumbler_glass::santa:


Cheers! :beers: :clinking_glasses:


Doesn’t look too garish from the picture, and the lights really work well with the ribbon.

I miss having a really decorated tree. My kids knock ours over too often to put anything but some garland and lights on it, though we do have a holiday Puss-in-Boots from a McDonald’s happy meal from way back when that I slide over the top so it appears he is clutching onto the top of the tree. We also have a Super Mario Star tree topper, but we had to take off last year because of the kids, and I haven’t tried putting it on this year yet. Probably will on Christmas eve.


My side contributions to what @COMaestro (actually the cat plush came with a dvd) are cream cheese and celery sticks with olives.

Oh! And the annual tradition of not finding one of the gifts I have stashed for @COMaestro until February and giving it to him for Valentine’s day.

Its wrapped, just need to sharpie red :heart: all over it.
Where ever it is…