Golden Geek nominees for 2021

I haven’t even heard of many of these, and mostly I try new games at conventions. The only ones I’ve actually played are Project L and Beyond the Sun (the latter only on BGA).


I’ve voted for whatever I could. At first it looked like I had played very few games but then I kind of noticed that there were a couple of categories where I knew several games.

Also I feel I can vote for artwork for any game :slight_smile:

The one I could say I played most was Apps and Medium Weight games.

Once again, I am let down by my peers. I feel like the Artwork and Presentation was the only category that wasn’t exclusively a popularity contest rather than an assessment of merit.

But, after all, Golden Geek awards are popularity contests… so… get off my lawn!


Well BGG is back up, so I can pile on and grumble. I’ll agree the art category seems at least reasonably representative of the best of the year (if woefully brief), but I’m baffled otherwise. The “innovative” category in particular feels like an actual joke. Like, laugh now, this is funny, haha. I’m mostly prepared to give Arnak my personal GotY but innovative? You’ve got to be freaking kidding me. And that’s true for any of the games in that category with which I’m familiar. [EDIT] Credit where it’s due for Planet X, Forgotten Waters and Pendulum.