Fun Month is OVER. (See you at AwSHUX - April 23-25)


Finally! We can get back to the games that aren’t fun at all.

More games with grumpy, medieval, beige dudes trading small cubes for slightly bigger cubes of different colors.

I mean… after… of course, you know, after we observe worm month by doing wormy things.


Is worm month just a coded “no content” month in readiness for aw shucks.

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Yep, that’s basically it. In the fall they joked they were taking the month off to be worms and do worm things rather than human work so no content. This time they’re still calling it worm month but being a little more upfront about all the work they’ll be doing in prep for AwSHUX such as filming the previews, setting up tech, creating the graphics, etc.


Honestly, I found Fun Month kind of depressing. They designate a month of reviewing games that are colorful and “fun”, and yet only one game came out of that month with a clean recommendation, and it still felt a little reserved. :smiley: Thank goodness I can go back to being a worm!


That’s all right, Unofficial Hidden Fun is still available. Third cave on the left, knock twice and tell Vlad that the daffodils are coming out early this year.


The Vlad that lives in the 2nd cave on the left is going to be very disappointed with false news about daffodils if someone goes to the wrong door by mistake.

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Yes, I also thought Fun month was a bit meh…

Even Chess month seemed way funnier. Or more fun, or whatever.

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