FFG Finally Admit to AH:LCG Stocking Issues

(Cue jokes about how now it’ll just be impossible to find one box instead of 6 packs!)

It’s good to see. Even as a vet, there’s a few packs I’m missing and it’s never easy to work out what each pack is called. The fear of accidental double orders is real.

There’s been a lot of rumours about some sort of ‘revised starter pack’ for Arkham to attract newcomers. This serves the function without being quite so blatant about it. Can see a lot more boardgamers being interested now.

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I wonder whether (as stocks run out) they’ll reformat the older expansion cycles into this same format.

I have similar hopes for Lord of the Rings LCG.

It’s a sticky situation. A lot of packs haven’t been easily attainable for a while now, so there’s probably a fair few people who are missing a pack here or there. How to let these folk get the packs they need is going to be a trauma.

Some transitional period where both formats are available would almost work, but would be even more confusing for newcomers.

And phasing the older sets out completely isn’t great for them since they invested so much in the Return To packs. Maybe it’s just time to retire them and they don’t need 7 sets all out at the same time?

Many completists (including me, though not for this particular game) will pay over the odds to have everything, and I can’t see them leaving that money entirely to the secondary market. If they bring out the “all of expansion cycle N” big boxes and people are missing just one small box of the original release of that cycle, will they complain but pay for it anyway? Probably.

Yeah, I’m definitely making sure I’m filling the holes in my collection this evening. Just two packs for the Dreamlands set and I’m up to date.

Lucky for me, I only have a core set and everything for the Dunwich Legacy (and some stand-alone scenarios), so if they were to convert everything to this new format, it would be a win for me. I could see just skipping everything for the moment and just getting the two To the Edge of the Earth boxes to get a full campaign and a bunch of new investigators and cards. Compared to the old model, it saves about $40 as well overall, as long as the campaigns are of similar length. Then I could wait and see if they do re-release previous campaigns in the new format, and if not go ahead and try to get all the packs needed for a new one.

Of course, I need to actually finish the Dunwich Legacy, as I failed my first try at it. Probably going to need to bring two investigators to really have a chance.

I understand there is a revised Core set coming out at some point as well, which will probably be a great deal of overlap with the existing one, as for the new campaign formats they still say you need a core set to play, and that will need to remain true regardless of which core you have. With luck, it’s just adding more of the cards that only had a single copy in the original core set, which prompted people to pick up a second core for more deckbuilding options.