Family Games for 6 Players

Spontaneous invitation to bring games over to friends for before/after dinner gaming including their two kids (11 + 13) who love my game collection and always go on how they want to play my games. So what am I taking?

  • So Kleever
  • Pictomania
  • Krazy Pix
  • It’s a Wonderful World + Expansion (which ups the player count)
  • Atlantis Rising 2nd

The whole family enjoys art, which is why I am including two games with a pictures theme, if Canvas or Modern Art played 6, I would be taking those.

Other games under consideration:

  • Last year we played Scapegoat and Flourish.
  • Mission Red Planet was the one I really wanted to bring but my copy is English and the kids wouldn’t be able to understand the cards which is what the game is about.
  • Libertalia preorder for German copy still hasn’t arrived.
  • I am still thinking about Robo Rally which I haven’t played in ages.
  • We only just played Space Base at 4 and I am not sure 6 really is a great player count for that.

I quickly reviewed the rules for all of these, so I can teach the games. I hate it when I have to refer to the manual for more than setup or the occasional FAQ clarification.

What would you be taking?

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Dixit and Pictomania, I guess.

Oh, and Incan Gold and Escape.

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I considered Dixit, then took Detective Club out of the shelf, looked at Detective Club and thought: “That one is too much for the kids”—and promptly forgot Dixit was even in the running.

I had also considered Bear Raid btw because the 13yo is fascinated by stocks.

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Oh, I also wouldn’t rule out 5 player games because, frankly, the difference between me playing and supervising seems pretty insignificant to me for this kind of thing.

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Considering 5 would put Modern Art back in the running. And that’s exactly the game I would maybe want to sit out and make sure it flows. Hmm… I’ve been wanting to show this off to that friend in particular.

Which “Escape” is that? Curse of the Temple?
We played that once at SPIEL and I am afraid I dismissed it back then… I feel like would enjoy this more now especially for a day like today.

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Curse of the temple, yes. I’m not a huge fan, but I have the big box (cut down) and made 6 dice trays for it to regulate the dice rolling better. It kind of helps people distinguish between stuff they are rolling, and dice they are using - they have to physically move dice they use out of the tray for an instant. Makes the game harder, but if you are playing without other complications it’s about right, and I have yet to play it enough with anyone to need more complications.

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From my collection
Doodle Dash - Pictomania vibes but sillier
Longshot The Dice Game - not played this yet, but these are the situations I got it for
Camel Up - who doesn’t love teaching kids to gamble
If you’re going to 5 then El Grande and Hansa are teachable to people who are prepared to be engaged
Ticket to Ride is great with 5

Have you got the bits to make Rallyman a 6 player game?


Rallyman is 6 in the base game.

6Nimmt! is another suggestion.


The one thing wrong with Modern Art IMO is that an important part of winning is going just after the person who’s worst at auction games.

  • Flash Point Fire Rescue (you can introduce rules piecemeal from “family” to full game)
  • Mysterium, though you’d definitely want to be the ghost
  • 6 Nimmt but (German stereotyping) they’ve probably been playing that since they could hold cards
  • Just One and/or Letter Jam if there are German-language versions
  • Tsuro (original and best)

ETA: given the “5 with a manager” exception, Lemminge! Easy to learn, everybody I’ve tried it on loves it.


I would say pictomania. I’ve found art games with kids to add a fun extra element of what the fudge are they drawing.

Similarly you could home brew fake artist with a selection of different pens and some simple pre populated cards.

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