Family Fun Games - AwSHUX Previews


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Steam Up – the bits are indeed gorgeous. Not sure why I need to take tokens to take a steamer, mind.

Hues and Cues – very reliant on colour vision, but at least you know that going in – so I’d never buy it because I know gamers with various sorts of CVD.

Hammer Time – I can see this being popular late at night at conventions. Very dependent on table surface though.

Floating Floors – looks very good. Only two players?

Ready, Steady, Worm! – yeah, but I already have Cats’ Mansion.

Somewhere Under the Rainbow – very antithematic, but hey. I like the grid approach and the mechanics in general.

Token Terrors Battlegrounds – a bit cutesy for my taste, not to mention a bit chess-like, but it might work. (Does any given colour of token only get deployed by one side?)

The Big Pig Game – for me, that’s “trying too hard”. Might be enjoyable even so.

Power Plants – intriguing. I’ll at least keep an eye out. (Keep the viewpoint still, chaps! Or maybe do fixed camera plus B-roll the way you do with real games.)

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Matt says “Hues and Clues” every time and it bugs me.


Steam Up is adorable, and I may have to take a look at it when it goes to KS. Floating Floors also looks pretty good.

Like i mentioned in the other thread, Somewhere Under The Rainbow really stuck with me, along with Bitoku. Will be keeping an eye out for sure.

Also, agreed on Floating Floor, that seems interesting as well.

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