Does anyone want to play Antiquity on Boardgamecore?

Formerly maybe Splotter’s second most famous game after Food Chain Magnate, recently eclipsed by SU&SD’s coverage of Roads & Boats and Bus.

Unlike those two games, it is fully playable on, where we played Food Chain Magnate a while back.

I have no idea how to play, but is anyone interested in reading the rules and trying it out? Or, even better, does anyone already know the rules and want to play?

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I own a physical copy and have played twice. How do you envisage this working? I’d be happy to teach and play but I’m time poor currently. I’d be happy to teach even if it ends up unfeasible for me to play.

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Well, the browser implementation is fully rule-enforced and probably very good if the Food Chain Magnate implementation is comparable.

It will be an asynchronous game over however long it takes, so anyone joining shouldn’t be worried about being time-poor, but should commit to seeing the game through even if it takes weeks.

Two-player works for me if no-one else expresses an interest.

I have now read the rules, and they seem simple enough. Learning how not to fail horribly looks like the main difficulty!

Oh what a coincidence! I was (unsucessfully) trying to find the time to write a post on Antiquity for the Why is your favourite game, your favourite game? thread for a couple of days now. For some reason I have been reluctant to try the BGC implementation, maybe because of the bland visual presentation of an IMO stunning game.

Anyways, I’d love to give this a shot, so sign me up!

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OK, I will start a game soon. Please register and tell me your username as a final confirmation of interest. I will set it to a move a day unless someone wants a different speed.

I’m mrister over at BGC.

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Also, please have another go at writing that entry in the other thread, so I know why I’m playing =)


Sounds like there’s already a full-ish game. I’d be interested in playing if a second game gets underway (and if people don’t mind somebody in a US time zone)

It’s a 4-player game?

(And only 2 confirmed players so far)

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Well, if there’s room I’m in.

I guess I should go learn to play


Please do! It’s very good: Why is your favourite game, your favourite game?

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OK, so we have 4 players, which is a full game, but I’m waiting for usernames from @EnterTheWyvern and @pillbox to confirm and start the game (with the one-move-a-day timer unless another preference is stated).

I have successfully registered as pillbox!

1-cool-move-per-day is good for me


Actually, I’m going to set the timer much longer, and just hope we all maintain a decent pace. We aren’t strangers, and someone dropping from a time-out due to unforeseen circumstances would be a damn shame. Just waiting to see if EnterTheWyvern is still interested.

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I don’t think that you actually get kicked out because of a timer. I think it just serves as an indicator for what speed is to be expected from players who join a game.


I might bow out as you already have someone with experience of the game. The timing isn’t ideal for me currently. Good luck and I hope you all enjoy the game


OK, game created.


Thanks! If you have any questions, just ask away! I cannot garantuee that I can answer them but I will try.

If you have the rules PDF, you might want to take a look at the basic strategy tips on the last page. Especially the first bullet point is really important: make sure that you don’t run out of wood! This is the easiest way to get stuck because under certain circumstances you might not be able to build anymore. So make sure that you either have at least one wood in storage or even better have at least one woodcutter on the map at all times.

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I think I’ve done my setup step? But if I haven’t please let me know!

The UI is rather spartan.

Enjoy the game. I skipped since I have several async games at the moment.