Deeply Thematic Games - AwSHUX Previews


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Yucatan – I like the art design that makes the map look as though it’s sunken inside the outer ring. The game itself doesn’t appeal, but I don’t really know Kemet or Cyclades so I can’t really judge what this has over those.

Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy – I suspect that if I wanted a Cosmic Encounter “har har I have this unexpected thingy” sort of game I’d still have the copy of that I sold a couple of years ago. Or old Dune, or even reissue Dune.

Galaxy Trucker – I don’t own this because I didn’t especially enjoy it. Heretical, I know, but if I did enjoy it I would already own a copy, so they’re not aiming this at people like me who’ve been in the hobby for a while.

In Too Deep – I’m ambivalent on the theme; another one I’d want to try first, and I’d prefer it if it were cooperative.

Sea of Legends – app-driven and lots of plastic stop it working for me. Might be fun, particularly with the automated NPC factions, but the theme seems quite generic.

Tartarus Gate – seems pretty straightforward, but I already have RPGs and adventures. For newcomers, fair enough.

Quests & Cannons: The Risen Islands – more pirates. Plus generic fantasy. And a lot of randomness, it would seem.

Kabula – looks potentially interesting, but funny rarely works for me and crass even more rarely.

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Already own Galaxy Trucker and it doesn’t get played enough, though I’m curious if someone will post those achievement tiles so us first edition owners can get in on the fun.

Dune interests me simply because I’d love to try out the original, but the likelihood of having the time and other players to get in a good game of it is well below sea level. This more streamlined version might be something that could hit the table, but I’m not rushing to get it at this point.

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Do you want images, or will the text alone work for you?

Here’s the way it work, written verbatim from the rulebook:

The First Flight
The Transgalactic Trek uses the title tiles, but only one per player. Select theappropriate number of tiles at random and return the others to the box.
Set up a Level 1 flight witht he titlessilver side-up next to the flight board. Players will compete for these titles. Each has itsown criteria, described on the next page. Read their descriptions aloud so that everyone knows what they are trying to achieve.
Then play the first flight according to the usual rules.

  • Earning Titles
    At the end of the flight, take your rewards and penalties as usual, except that, instead of the reward for best-looking ship, players are rewarded based on the criteria of the titles.
    Only players who completed the flight can wina title. Count up scores for each title and give the title to the player with the best score. For example, the Power Trucker title goes tot he player who finished thee flight with the most battery-powered components.
    For each title all players with the best score earn 2 credits (the Level 1 reward for best-looking ship), but only one can have the title. Among tied players, give the title to the one who finished farther ahead.

Speacial case: If all players score zero for a particular title, it goes to the player who finished inthe lead, but no one gets credits for it. If no players completed the flight, no one gains creditsfrom the titles and the titles are distributed randomly, one to each player.

  • Distributing Titles
    It’s possible that every player will earn exactly one title, but it’s also possible that someone- perhaps you - will have been clever enough to earn more than one. If you finish the flight with multiple titles, you must choose one to keep and give the others to players who don’t have a title yet. When giving away titles, you may assign them randomly or use any cirteria you choose. (Note that we are just talkingabout redistributing tiles here. Players keep all the credits they earned during the title-scoring step.) If multiple players are in a position to give away titles, the player who finished farther ahead decides first.

For the next flight, everyone will start with a title, even players who gave up on the first flight. *Players keep their title for the remaineder of the Transgalactic Trek.


  • Freight Hauler
    You know all the ways to pick up goods and you’re always ready to load more. They say you would haul a herdof ultramammoths if you thought you could find a buyer.
    Count the number of cargo components that have at least one block of goods.
    Tip: Having lots of cargo space is important, but you also need to fly near the front so you don’t miss opportunities to load. Don’t forget you can rearrange goods only when you are loading, so it might be a good idea to keep your blocks spread out… if you can keep your ship in one piece.

  • Power Trucker
    You love the hum of the shields, the roar of double engines, and the sizzle of double cannons.
    Count the number of components that use batters (shields, double engines, and double cannons)
    Tip: Battery components do not count, but it’s a good to have enough to power all your cool stuff.

  • Xenoquartermaster
    Aliens like to fly with you, because you know what aliens like - privacy.
    For each alien on your ship, add up its walking distance to the nearest cabin.
    The nearest cabin is the one it could get to in the fewest step, walking through hte pipes. For example, a cabin on an adjacent square is at distance1, but only if it is joined. If not joined, it mightnot even be nearest. If the alien must pass through an intervening component to reach the nearestcabin, it is at distance2. And so on. Even an empty cabin could be nearest.
    Tip: Ideally, you want two aliens very far away from each other and far from other cabins.

  • Cruise Captain
    It’s a long trip across the Galaxy. Why shouldn’t your passengers enjoy it? Add some panoramic windows and you’ll be the trucker everyone wants to ride with.
    Count the number of occupied cabins with a view. A cabin has a view if it has at least one smooth side that is not adjacent to a component. Notes: The smooth side can be adjacent to an empty square, even one thatis surrounded bycomponents. (Courtyard views aren’t as popular as exterior views, but they still count.) Sometimes a cabin starts with no view but gains a lovely view whe another component is lost during flight. Your starting cabin has connectors on all for sides, so it ill never have a view.

  • Master Engineer
    You not only know how to build a big ship, but also how to keep it in one piece for the entire flight.
    Count the number of components your ship has.
    Hint: It’s usually simpler to count the number of empty spaces and see who ahs the least… unless the flight was especially harsh.

  • Corridorist
    You are a nonconformist - unconventional, avant-garde. Some say you’re crazy, building ships with such long corridors. Some say you’re cool.
    Count your longest chain of corridor components. A corridor component is one with only 1 or 2 connectors.
    Tip: One way to get a long corridor is to build a long tentacle, but it might be evenbetter to build a looping corridor that connects to the rest of your ship on both ends.


The rulebook has a lot of typos! :stuck_out_tongue:

J/K, thanks for doing this!

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The Second Flight
Adventure cards used int eh first flight should be removed from the game. You can return them to the box. Set up for a Level 2 flight in the usual way, with an empty board and all components face down. The only thing you keep from your first flight is your title and your credits.

Keep your title in the upper left corver of your hsip board, silver side up. On this flight, you will try to defend your title.

At the end of hte flight, instead of rewards for the best-looking ship, all players who successfully defneded their title earn 4 credits. You have defended yoru title if you completed the flight and have the highest score for your title. (Count only ships that finished. Even if you tie, you have defended.) You cannot earn credits for other players’ titles. All players keep their titles, even if they failed to defend.

All players who successfully defend their titles flip them to the gold side. Players who failed to defend keep the title on the silver side.

The Third Flight
Once again, return the used adventure cards to the box and set up for the next flight - Level 3 this time.

In the fird flight, players who failed to defend their title may try again.

Players who defended their title now have gold titles, which give them an additional handicap. However, anyonewho successfully defends a gold title will earn a double reward and earn their place in the Trucker Hall of Fame.

  • Freight Hauler
    Your ship now officially falls into “freighter” category. Which means - more annoying regulations. Congratulations!
    If two cargo holds are adjacent to each other, neither can hold cargo. This restriction applies even if they are not joined to each other. Of course, if one of hte cargo holds is lost during flight, the other suddenly becomes usable.

  • Power Trucker
    The safety inspectors have been investigating your overpowered ships, and they have decided to write newwiring codes that apply only to you.
    You cannot have battery tokens in a component that is directly joined to one that requires energy. For example, if a battery component is joined to a double engine, it gets no battery tokens before the flight.

  • Xenoquartermaster
    You have done such a good job of catering to aliens that your customers have become a bit spoiled. The life support system must meet exacting specifications.
    Alien life support systems only work if all their connectors match exactly. So if one side of the connection is a universal connector, the adjacent sidemust also be a universal connector - otherwise the life support system has no effect.

  • Cruise Captain
    Because of your reputation for enjoyable flights, many of your crew members are actually tourists… and they have some safety concerns.
    Each exposed connectors reduces cabin capacity by one. A cabin with one exposed connector can hold one human astronaut; it cannot hold an alien. A cabin with multiple exposed connectors must be left empty. Furthermore, if a cabin gets a new exposed connector during flight, give up one crew member from that cabin regardless of whether it is now over capacity. (Tourists are jumpy.)

  • Master Engineer
    This time they think the challenge you’ve taken is insurmountable. But imagine the look on their faces when everything fits together at the last moment… again.
    During buildin,you cannot add components until you have put 2 in reserve. You will not add these reserved components until everyone else is done building. They aren’t easy components, either - at least 5 sies must have connectors. (That’s total, of course. We know the tiles don’t have 5 sides.) You choose these components in the usual way, by rummaging through the pile and finding two to put in your reserve. You cannot add a component to your ship until your reserve is full, and you cannot use the components in your reserve dduring building. Once everyone (including you) is done building, show how cool you are by adding the two components into the gaps you left in your ship. If you cannot, you must pay a penalty for each unused tile: Pay 1 credit for each side with a connector, then return the tile to the pile on the table.

  • Corridorist
    They told you not to build long corridors. You laughed at them. Now karma itself is out to get you.
    When a corridor component is destroyed, any corridor components joined to it fall off. (This is not a chain reaction - “Falling off” is different from being “destroyed”.) Note that this does not apply to components with connectors on three of four sides.


(Last bit, sorry, I can only type so quickly)

Players attempt to defend their titles as they did in the second flight. Anyone who successfully defends a silver titles gets 6 credits.

Anyone who successfully defends a gold title gets a double reward of 12 credits.

Winning the Trek
After the third flight, players reveal how many credits they have. As always, players who finish with credits can consider themselves to be winners. On top of that, you can consider yourself to be a legendary Whatever-Your-Title-Is if you successfully defended the gold side of your title.

The player with the most credits is acknowledged as the Ultimate Trucker. There are no tiebreakers. There is enough room in the Galaxy for more than one Ultimate Trucker.

(Done. Sorry about the typos, hopefully it is legible)

The rules then outline the “Rough Roads” modifies, and then credits and Special Thanks.


No worries about typos. You rock!

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Man, there are a LOT of minis in there, holy crap… Yucatan seemed interesting, though I don’t know its predecessors Cyclades and Kemet…