Custom Titles are available

As mentioned before, if anyone ever needs a custom title, just ask.

I’m currently tempted to bestow @gmwhite999 with something.


Surely a title should be bestowed, rather than chosen by that individual.

If I were to choose mine, I’d channel Dave Lister: “Occupation? Er … Bum!”


If you have to ask, you’ll never know.

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On another platform I had “Not really a wookie, but nearly that big”… But I will not steal the chance to the real dealers of titles.

Just deal 'em when you see fit

Yes, context is what matters here :slight_smile:

That’s how it was done before. Let the custom titles strike where they may.


Please can my title say “Loser Trash”.

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I’ve almost given you that title

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Self-proclaimed should be hyphenated. :pleading_face:

Fixed that for you

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…Self-styled should be hyphenated. :pleading_face:


(I will actually fix this I promise)

This is why I’m such loser trash.


@KIR2 I hope that this isn’t true self-deprecation. You’re neither a loser, nor trash - certainly not as I have seen.

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He’s just getting on board with the trash gang!

#trashgang69 ftw!

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