Cthulhu beyond lovecraft?

Ok so this is a bit of a niche enquiry.

Two of my favourite fictional worlds over the last ten years have been Bloodborne on PlayStation 4 and fatale by Ed brubaker and Sean Philips.

I’m wondering if anyone has any other lovecraftian style horror they would recommend, format and genre be damnded.

I don’t know if I’d call it horror, but have you read any of Ruthanna Emrys’s stories about the next generation of the Deep Ones? Amazon has them, and I think they’re rather good.

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I enjoyed Maplecroft (and its sequel, Chapelwood) by Cherie Priest, which is a book about Lizzie Borden fighting Lovecraftian horrors.

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May give both of them a gander thanks!

Have a look at Carter & Lovecraft by Jonathan L Howard.

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I would recommend both the Howard and the Emrys, as well as David Hambling’s The Elder Ice and sequels, and Sarah Monette’s excellent collection The Bone Key. There’s a “lovecraftiana” tag on my blog under which all of these are reviewed.